Interview With MarkMatthews

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so here is an interview with MarkMatthews, i hope you like! Thanks Mark!


Q: tell us a little about yourself

A:Well, I live in England, I'm in my thirties and have been married over a year.  I like to travel and Japan is my favourite country.  If you want any tips on travelling or Japan, please message me.  I've got a diary on line of the time when I went to Japan for three months and I hope to use it to inspire others.  :-)

I have two cats, a fat male called Gizmo and a slim female called Taz and they are my little babies!

Q: how did you discover wattpad?

A:I was using a different website similar to Wattpad but was looking for a little more exposure.  One of the profiles mentioned that they had moved to Wattpad so I checked it out and suddenly realized what I had been missing out on!

Q: what are some of the books you write?

A:I'm only writing one book at the moment.  It is called Reflections in the Mist and will be an epic!  It currently takes up all my time so I won't really be able to start work on anything else.  I have also got an encyclopedia that accompanies the book which I update each time a new chapter is added.  Lastly, I've also got a short segment from an up and coming chapter that has been causing a bit of a stir.

Q: what inspired you to start writing?

A:The fact that anything is possible.  If you think it, you can write it and make it real.  I also hope to inspire others with my works.

Q: what are you three favourite wattpad books?

A:To be honest, I spend a lot of my time concentrating on Reflections in the Mist and don't really get to read other peoples work to have favourites.  But the last three that I have read are:  Please don't look at me by ayeshamuzaffar2, The Untitled Love Story by Dreamwriter7 and Used by Shazzypops.


Q: what do you think of the what's hot list?

A:It is ok, it'll be better if I get on it. :-)  I suppose it is good to have a goal for people to work towards, but I'm sure that there are plenty of undiscovered gems that do not get the best coverage.


Q: does music help your writing in any way?

 A:Yes, absolutely.  I love music, always have.  I even name my chapters on song titles and lyrics.  For me, it is heavy metal all the way.


Q: have you inspired any of your friends to use wattpad?

 A:Not yet, to be honest, I'm the only one of my friends who is into this.  It is a shame really.

Q: is there anything you want today to your fans?

 A:Thanks.  It is good to have fans.  When I get new ones, it always gives me a boost and makes me realize that someone is interested

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there you go! dont forget: go and check out his book called Reflections in the Mist! thanks! ~ Sid. and if you want an interview, feel free to private message me!

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