Interview With Killjoy7772

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here is an interview with killjoy7772


Q: tell us a little about yourself

A: Well i'm thirteen and lots of people say I write and read way above my age level . I'm kinda a wierdo and little bit crazy, but in a good way. My life is pretty awesome [i think] um i'm pretty chill unless your dissing people or things i care about then your gonna get it.

Q: how did you discover wattpad?

A:My friend from camp helped me discover it and also my friend you interviewed before (kaidten19)

Q: what are some of the books you write?

A:The Abyss, Life is What it is, Now and Forever and i just started The Runners

Q: what inspired you to start writing?

A:Nothing but like everything, i'm kinda inspired by like random things and nothing i'll like pull it out of thin air

Q: what are you three favourite wattpad books?

A:New New Moon by flying-person, He Was Looking For a Princess, But Instead He Found Me by flying-person, Crescent Sun by TeamCullen0410


Q: what do you think of the what's hot list?

A:I like it but i totally depends on my mood and what i'm doing


Q: does music help your writing in any way?

A:Yes! Of course! I really listen to like 12 different types of music so i get it from a lot!


Q: have you inspired any of your friends to use wattpad?

A:Yeah, my friend jessi [hiddenheart52] she is really good!

Q: is there anything you want today to your fans?

   A: Thanks for fanning me! my new book The Runners will be up soon!


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