Chapter Two

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Chapter Two (Devin's POV)

"You're so soft, you know that?" Someone's deep voice murmured. I hummed at the sound of it. I wanted to hear it again, wherever it was coming from, whoever it was coming from. I felt drowsy, though. This had to be a dream... Yea, of course it was a dream. I wouldn't like a guy outside of my dream, right?

"Devin. You should kiss me." Well, Mr. Nice Sounding Voice, I would, but I can't see anything. I felt his fingers brushing my lips and I moaned at the feeling. His thumb pressed against the corner of my mouth and sank in, my tongue pressing up against its rough texture. I moaned again and felt the thumb swish around my tongue before a pair of lips met mine.

Woww, this was a weird dream... But it felt so nice. Whoever was kissing me sure knew how to kiss. I've never even met a chick who could kiss like this. Their tongue slid past my lips and mingled with mine, his thumb still in my mouth and pushing my lips further open. I felt his teeth scraping my lips, biting them and sucking until they were swollen.

Suddenly, everything seemed to lit up now as I opened my eyes, expecting to wake up from this nightmare, but I found my vision adjusting to Rick's eyes that pierced right through me and I did the first thing I could.

Well, second. First thing I did was scream my head off. The second thing I did was bring my knee up and smash it into his gut. His eyes flashed and he winced, jerking away from me and coughing as he slumped off the bench and hit the floor, hugging his gut.

"Jesus Christ. You're worse than my uncle." He groaned, tilting his head back and sucking in deep, pained breathes. I panted for air, shooting into an upright position and wiping at my mouth vigorously. My face felt hotter and I whipped my head to glare at him hatefully.

"Oh, you're so sick! Disgusting! While I was sleeping?! You're such a pedophile!"

"Last I checked, you were legal, kid."

"Ugh! Legal or not, don't you ever touch me again! Gross! Ew! Now I have your germs all over me!" I snarled, heaving myself to my feet, only to find the world tilting a little and I stumbled, only to have Rick shoot to his feet and catch me before I fell. I groaned as my head swam.

"Whoa, slow down," Rick muttered as he set me back down on the bench and I shoved him away angrily before holding my head, "You passed out from the heat, you little idiot. All that unecessary anger just boiled your blood like a freaking soup. If I hadn't of caught you, the asphalt would've and you'd be out of the game for the season with a concussion like that."

"So what'd you want? A thank you?" I demanded past gritted teeth. Rick shrugged.

"I think another kiss might be good payment." He answered. I blushed, scowling at him before I took a deep breath and rose to my feet again, this time slowly. I noticed Rick watching me, his body tense and ready to catch me.

I think I rather have a concussion.

"Screw you," I growled, "I don't need your help. I don't need you at all. Now freaking leave me alone or I'll call the cops on you." Rick rolled his eyes and folded his arms over his chest as he leaned against the lockers that were lined up on either side of us. Looking around, I realized he must have carried me all the way from the parking lot to the locker rooms inside. I blinked and for a second, I was actually a little thankful for what he did.

"Oh, please. Who doesn't need me?" He snorted.

Okay, never mind. I hate him again.

"Me, good-bye." I snapped and started for the door, reaching out to grab it, but Rick's hand shot out and slammed the door shut, making me gasp and whirl around to glare at him. He put his hands on either side of my head, leaning on the door and giving me a wicked smirk. It actually sent chills through me.

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