Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Fifteen (Devin's POV)

A/N: This is sort of an important author's note, so be sure to read this! Firstly, I want to apologize for why this is so late :| While in the process of saving it, my computer froze and deleted everything... So I got mad and gave up for a couple days xD And then rewrote it and it turned out completely different... and way better. Longer, naughtier, more detailed. And that brings me to my second thing... WARNING. This chapter is probably the most graphic one I've posted on wattpad and I'm just making sure you know before hand, so you're not shocked and like OMG and faint, haha. Well, I suppose that's it! Thanks uber much for reading and I hope you enjoy the chapter! Just a couple more to go after this, though ):

"Gotta go, baby. Later." With that, Rick hung up on me and I was left alone, sitting in my room and staring at the phone. Part of me yelled to call him back, but I knew he was probably already going into that stupid meeting of his. I gritted my teeth and rose to my feet, heading downstairs to return the phone to the hook. I just reached the kitchen when I saw my dad standing there with a mug of coffee, all ready for work.

I glared at him and slammed the phone on the hook, whirling to leave.

"Dev, stop," He said, waiting until I stopped at the bottom of the stairs, at least halfway across the house now, "Come here, we need to talk." I rolled my eyes and whirled around, folding my arms over my chest as he set his coffee down and walked out of the kitchen and into the foyer.

"I don't want to talk. There's nothing to talk about." I answered bitterly. My dad frowned.

"Dev, don't do this. You know I'm just doing this because I don't trust him, it's not just because he's a... guy anymore. It's because he's dangerous." He stated. I rolled my eyes, throwing my hands in exasperation.

"So he has a little bit of a temper, so what?!"

"A little bit? Devin, he crushed a computer monitor and threw a metal cart at the wall. What if he lost his temper sometime and it wasn't the cart that hit the wall or the monitor that's crushed?"

"Oh, please. If he hasn't hurt me yet, he won't hurt me ever. You're just be a hotheaded bigot and I never want to talk to you again. And this time I'm serious because I'm really tempted to just move out." I snapped. My dad's eyes flickered with something I couldn't identify, but his posture told me he was seriously getting pissed.

Good, that makes two of us.

"Like hell. You have no where to go. You're too young. You have no job. Do you have any idea how much apartments cost nowadays? And don't even think about moving in with Rick." Well, when he put it like that, it just made me sound like a mooch.

Not that Danny was a mooch. It wasn't his fault and Vic had opened his arms to Danny, but this was Rick we were talking about. No one understood him and they automatically assumed that I had something to do with it now. The reason he was so overprotective and touchy. Sure, he was like that before, but now people had someone to blame it on.

"I rather live in the gutter than with you." I spat. My dad looked surprisingly stricken.

"Devin, look-"

"Stop doing that! You're treating me like a bratty little kid, and I'm not! I've been doing everything you wanted! I joined basketball because you told me to! I became an honor student four years in a row because you wanted me to! I stopped going to parties because you told me to! But now you're just pushing your luck! And now I really want to be with Rick and you're just making up excuses because I'm not your little soldier boy anymore!" I snarled, feeling hot with rage. My dad gritted his teeth for a second and took a step forward, but I took two steps back.

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