And I Kissed His Brother?!

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(Note: This is part of a series, read I Kissed A Boy first!)

Chapter One (Devin's POV)

I'd dealt with a lot of assholes in my life. From teachers to relatives to your brother's boyfriend. But never before have I dealt with someone like Rick Patterson. You know that terrifying moment when you have a tick stuck to you and it's like sucking your blood at an alarming rate and you're trying to rip it off, but every time you do, it just ends up stuck to you again?

Meet Rick Patterson. Twenty-something-year-old creep. Okay, I'll admit. He's not the ugliest thing in the world. He had nice dark hair that he brushed off to the side and crazy blue-green eyes. He was one of the few people I knew that could pull off a pair of leather pants and jean jackets without looking like a total dork. But looks could be deceiving, my mama once told me.

And she was damn right, especially when it came to Rick. Because so what if he looked good? His personality was as fugly as I'll get out. He had one of those nasty addictive personalities and proved it with the amount he smoked and drank like a frat boy, then flaunted his uncle's cash around like it was a chick's bra.

He was terrible and I hated him.

It didn't help that summer time had swung around and it had to be at least a hundred degrees and the coach for next year's team was being the biggest douche on the planet and made us do a car wash to raise money for our uniforms. So I had to wear last year's uniform for this stupid thing.

Which included a pair of short black shorts and my small basketball jersey that stuck to my sweaty skin as I dunked my sponge into the soapy bucket of water, standing up and wiping the back of my hand on my forehead.

"Ugh, why is it so hot?" I asked no one in particular, plucking the front of my jersey to air it out.

"Quit slacking, Carter!" My coach barked, arching his brow at me like my mom did when she was pissed. I snorted and threw the sponge in his direction, but it plopped at his sneakers and he kicked it at me. I yelped and ducked as the sponge smacked into my back. I scowled and snatched it up, whirling around as the next car drove up.

"Either you're stupid or really cruisin' for a bruisin', Dev." I frowned and looked up as Damien Ryans walked over in a pair of old shorts and his old school's red and white basketball jersey. He'd come a town out of state and moved in next store, so leave it to my mom to make me the official buddy for this guy. Though, he wasn't that bad. He was definitely smarter than Danny. I shook my head to get my brother out of my head.

It'd been months since our dad booted him out of the house and ever since, I'd been even bratty than usual. I'll admit it. So what? That dickhead had no right to kick my brother out.

"I'm not scared of the coach," I snorted as I tossed the sponge from hand to hand, "Not scared of anybody."

"You're just pissy because it's hot." Damien retorted, shaking his head and looking up as the next car pulled into the parking lot. Our eyes widened at the sight of it and dropped our sponges.

"Holy Jesus and His Mama." I managed. Damien gaped.

"That... That's not even a car. That's like a freaking myth!" He gasped.

A black 2011 Porsche Carrera, complete with sleek, spinning silver rims and gold around the headlights, pulled up in front of Damien and I. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better- and I say this with the deepest amount of sarcasm, I watched as Rick Patterson stepped out of the vehicle, looking about as damn good as the car in a pair of tight leather pants, a torn Black Sabbath t-shirt, and a beat up jean jacket to match his black wraparounds.

"I knew it was too good to be true." I grumbled as Rick shut the car door, pulling his glasses off to smirk.

"I thought I might find you here. Oh, and you're all nice and soapy just for me." He mused. I felt my face grow hotter under the sweat and soap on me as I clenched my fists.

"Take your shithole car somewhere else to get washed!" I snapped, thrusting a finger down the street.

"Screw you," Damien breathed, reaching out to brush his fingers over the hood, his hand trembling, "This baby is beautiful! Look at it! It practically glows!"

"Don't have an orgasm on the hood, kid," Rick told him, then glanced at me, arching a brow, "So, you gonna wash my car or what?"

"Or what." I sneered, then yelped as a sponge hit my back and I whipped around to see the coach glaring at me a few feet away.

"Boy, you better wash up or you'll be cut. If you wanna be on the team next year, you better work for it!" He commanded, then sauntered off to harrass Joss Richards and Terry Michaels. I whipped back around to see Rick wiggling his eyebrows at me. I elbowed him out of the way and grabbed the bucket, stomping over to the car and dropping the bucket as I dunked the sponge in.

"Quit oogling and just wash the damn tin can!" I snapped at Damien, when I noticed he hadn't moved. Rick smirked, leaning on the hood as I smacked the sponge on the car window, scrubbing the invisible dirt that he seemed to have on his car.

It was obvious he just came to harrass me. Dirty car my ass. The thing was as shiny as my mom's China collection.

"Your friend seems so interested in my car. What about you, beautiful? I saw you eyeing it when I pulled in." Rick drawled, cocking his head as I stooped to douse the sponge. I felt his eyes on my ass and straightened up, gripping the sponge in my fist and glaring at him.

"That was before I recognized the driver as the biggest scum bag on the planet. Now buzz off while I clean off the Rape-mobile. Don't you have little boys to stalk?" I mocked, whirling with my back to him as I scrubbed the door.

"What do you think I'm doing?" Rick asked and his laugh sent chills up my spine. I whirled around and smacked the sponge into his chest, making him wince and take a jolting step back.

"Suck my dick, Patterson! You clean your own damn car if you're gonna go creeper on me!" I barked, making him roll his eyes and let the sponge fall. Damien stared at me in disbelief, just now pulling his attention away from the Porsche.

"Dude, you didn't just do that."

"Damn straight I just did that! Thanks to you and your oh-so-intelligent observation skills, I was almost molested. Thanks a lot, you jerk!" I snapped at him. Damien blushed, embarrassed as I started to go past Rick, but he kicked the bucket out in front of me and before I knew it, I was about to faceplant into the asphalt, but Rick had second thoughts on giving me a concussion and whipped his arms out, catching me around the waist.

"Ugh!" I gasped in disgust as the soapy water splattered up into my face, soaking me entirely, as well as Rick who was behind me, his arms still around me. Even though he was doused in gross water, he still managed to smell like Axe, which made me stiffen. Oh crap, oh crap. I tore away from him and almost slipped again, but he caught me by the arms and held me straight. I pulled my arms away, though, glaring at him.

"Can you seriously just go away and leave me alone?! Like, for real! I have enough problems that don't involve psycho stalkers." I snarled viciously, grimacing as a soap bubble rushed down my nose. Rick cocked a brow.

"You're the one having a cow. Why don't you just sit down for a second? Obviously the sun is having an effect on you."

"Balls," I spat at him, feeling my anger heighten, "Nobody asked you! Jeez, you are such a freak! Why can't you just leave me alone?! In case you haven't noticed, I'm not into you! At all! Not even in a friend way, man! You're sick and perverted and you were freaking hitting on my brother before! And you're just using the fact that we're twins as an excuse to... use..." I slowly stopped as my head started to swim with dizziness.

"Use as something... Or other...." I mumbled, reaching up to touch my forehead, which felt like it was on fire. I watched Rick's eyes flash and he moved quickly, catching me under the arms as I fainted.


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