Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Eleven (Devin's POV)

Talk about a waker-upper. The sight of someone's reflection in the window across from me froze me to the core, terrifying me so badly I couldn't speak. My blood ran cold and my breathing stopped completely before it took me a moment to realize that there wasn't someone behind me.

It was someone standing on the other side of the door.

And it was Damien.

I immediately rushed over and flipped the lock, throwing the door open and catching Damien off guard as he leapt back, sucking in a sharp rush of air before letting it out at the sight of me.

"Whoa, damn it, Dev! You scared me."

"I scared you?! The fuck are you doing on my property, man? If you don't fucking move in the next ten seconds, I'm calling the police. Even worse, my dad. And you saw how big that guy is! He'll crush your head between his teeth!" I hissed hatefully at him, gripping part of the sliding glass door in case he tried to come inside. Damien winced, then leaned on the frame of the door.

"Devin, please give me a second to explain. I tried to call you earlier, but then I remembered that your cell phone broke."

"Gee, I wonder how that happened." I spat. Damien winced again, then tilted his head and was giving me a very bad puppy dog look.

"Come on, Dev. I didn't mean to... You just sort of freaked me out a bit. That's all."

"Again. I freaked you out? Damien, you're fucking stalking me." I snapped. Damien's eyes immediately grew dark at the work 'stalk' and he gripped the frame tightly.

"We need to talk, Dev."

"There's nothing to talk about. Leave me the hell alone and stay off my damn property! The hell is wrong with you, you freak?! Damn it, I already told you that I loved Rick, not you, so buzz off! You're just looking for a cheap lay anyway, you selfish bastard!" I hissed, then went to slam the door shut, but to my shock, Damien shoved the glass door open further and reached inside, grabbing me around the waist and heaving me outside.

I yelped as he threw me to the porch, shutting the glass door behind him as quietly as possible. I whirled around and opened my mouth to yell, but Damien was on me faster than I could inhale a breath in. His hand clamped over my mouth as he struggled to keep me from hitting him.

"Ssh! Stop, Dev, please! I just want to talk!"

"Mmph! Phmmk mew!"

"Dev, swearing at me isn't going to make this much better. Now just, calm down." He said in a terrifyingly calm tone. My heart was pounding like crazy and my blood was rushing through my veins so fast, it'd make light look slow. He was pinning me down good with his slightly larger body, his eyes pinning me with a dark stare so intense, part of me was about to freeze up.

"Sssh," He whispered and let go of my wrist to brush his hand through my hair, his thumb pressing painfully hard against my stitches, "It's okay... Look, Dev... I know things are bad right now, but they'll get better. You'll forget all about Patterson and you'll realize that I'm the one you want, the one you need. I'll take care of you better than him. I'll make sure you have a place to stay, food to eat, games to play, whatever you want."

Oh my god, he was insane. Help me! Someone get him away from me!

Rick! Ma! Dad! Someone, get him off me!

He was pressing so hard against me, in more than one place, his hand still tightly clamped over my mouth so that now I couldn't even make muffled protests. I kept slamming my fists into his shoulders and even clawed at him, but he brushed it off like he didn't feel it!

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