Chapter Four

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Chapter Four (Rick's POV)

Never again. Never will I ever submit myself to such heinous torture ever again in my life.

I officially hated Paranormal Activity 2. How irritating was it that I've seen it so many times, I could quote it word for word and I knew when ever little thump was gonna come. I could easily pick out the scenes where they used photoshop. And everyone knows demons wouldn't give a shit about humans. Come on, people. Seriously?

"I love that movie," Danny went off on one of his gushing fests, "It's so freaky! We should go ghost hunting, you know? Like those guys on sci-fi! It'd be so freaking cool!" Devin rolled his eyes, smirking as he leaned on his knuckles, but he looked a little annoyed with the movie too. I noticed that he hadn't jumped as often, only once when there was a really loud BAM. Otherwise, he didn't like the movie either. I smirked with satisfaction at the discovery.

"So, what're you guys gonna do now?" Blake asked me, glancing over at us. Devin blinked, as if just remembering we were on a date. I frowned.

"I need a smoke." I answered flatly. Blake rolled his eyes, shaking his head and slumping back in the loveseat with Danny, who was still going at his ghosts-are-freaking-awesome gush. Devin just scowled at me, sitting up.

"You know, that stuff causes cancer?"

"Let me know when I actually care." I drawled, heaving myself out of my seat. I expected them to just wait around for me, but I was surprised to see Devin get up and follow me. A sliver of delight fled through me and I smirked, heading up the stairs to my room for my cigarettes. Devin was right on my heels, frowning and looking around the house before looking at my back. Like he didn't know what to do, but hell, I'd give him something to do.

I led him to my room all the way at the end and opened it, ignoring the mess as I went to my dresser and Devin came in behind me, snorting in disgust.

"You live in a dump. The hell is this? A McDonald's wrapper?"

"Oi, don't insult me. It's Wendy's. I don't do MickeyD's." I answered him sternly, frowning when I saw my cigarettes missing. I stooped over and threw clothes and garbage aside to look. I growled in frustration, feeling that faint bubble of rage rise in my chest. Oh crap. I didn't want to throw a fit now of all times. How attractive would that be? Yea, Devin. Please date me. Sure, I just smashed a hole in the wall and there's always the possibility of me smashing your face in-

No. The thought made me straighten up and stare at my dresser. I would never get that mad. Sure, I punched and fought for a freaking living, but I could never hit Devin, especially in the face. In his cute face with pretty blue eyes staring at me...

"You play guitar?" Devin's voice asked from behind me, making me snap around to see him flopping on the end of my bed, staring at my guitar in surprise. I cocked a brow, giving the guitar a quick look of disinterest before I resumed my search for the cancer sticks.

"Uh, sometimes. Not that good at it." I replied, shoving things off my dresser in hopes of finding them under something, but it was a complete failure. Irritation heated my blood as I stood there, glancing around the room before my eyes landed on Devin, who was lifting the guitar tenderly from the bed by its neck. He held it out to me.

"Play something." He commanded. I stared at him curiously, putting a hand on my hip and taking it from him.

"I told you I'm not that good."

"I'll be the judge of that."


"Hey," Devin snapped, glaring at me firmly, "We're on a date right? I should learn more about you. The you that you obviously are too chicken to show because you can't possibly be all evil. Now come on, play something."

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