Chapter Ten

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Chapter Ten (Devin's POV)

A/N: Hello, lovely readers :D Just here to give you a little heads up on the naughtiness contained within this chapter- Blame Rick. All his fault. Yup. I also want to apologize for the delay in updating. It's almost Christmas and a lot of hooey's been goin' on, but I'm back! So, hope it wasn't too painful to wait and happy reading!

I woke up feeling so warm and so comfortable. At first I had thought I'd fallen asleep curled up with tons of blankets, or maybe I was back in time when Danny and I used to fall asleep together in front of the TV.

But the warmth felt a little more... intimate. I opened my eyes drowsily, reaching up to press the heels of my hands against my eyes before I focused on Rick Patterson's face. I froze for a second, then relaxed as I watched him sleep.

Right. I'd have to get used to this. I was dating him... Right?

I thought about going to sleep again, but I was already awake and I'm pretty sure that it was around noon now judging by the sunlight that was trying to penetrate Rick's black curtains. Not to mention, I was sort of entranced by Rick. I don't mean to sound like a creeper or anything, but it was so amazing to see him look peaceful and quiet.

He reminded me of a little kid, lying there with his head craned toward me, an arm under his head and his other thrust around me and holding me against his chest. His mouth was open slightly and his features were softer. Not obscured by any frowns or scowls, or demented smirks. I couldn't stop myself from smiling as I listened to him breath softly, his breath warm on my face before I leaned up, brushing my lips by his.

He moaned very faintly in his sleep, like some part of him knew I was kissing him. It made my cheeks flush, but I didn't care. I buried my face against him, moving my hand under the blankets before I rested it over his guntshot wound. Feeling the gauze under my fingers made my smile melt as I brushed the swollen skin around it.

I couldn't stop that heavy nagging sensation of guilt that tore through me as I stroked the gauze before letting my hand slid up his bare torso. I shivered at the feel of his abs rolling under my fingertips, then spread my fingers across his chest. Even while he slept I could feel them ripple under my fingers and I sighed in bliss.

"If you're gonna do somethin', do it already because I'm just dying here." I let out a horribly girly squeak at the sound of Rick's voice and jerked my head up to see his lips curl into a smirk and his arm tighten on me. That's when I felt a familiar rock hard appendage poking my thigh and I glared at him.

"Oh, just when I thought I caught you not being a pervert. You suck. You suck big time."

"Aw, come on. It's not my fault. It happens, and you touching me like that wasn't helping one bit." Rick grunted and finally he opened his pale green-blue eyes to look at me. He leaned down and nuzzled my hair, bringing his hand around to rest over mine as it settled on his chest.

"Yea, well, I'm not in the mood for anything right now. Hand me my cell phone so I can tell my parents I'm on my way home in like a couple hours." I commanded. Rick grumbled and I ignored the profanity in it as I sat up slowly. He rolled over and tossed my cell phone at me before groping around for his water on the dresser.

"To the left, Rick," I smirked, watching him snort and snatch the bottle before I looked down and immediately frowned as I saw seventeen missed calls, "What the hell? I could've sworn I had the ringtone on. Did you hear anything?" Rick frowned, not looking at me as he drank his water before he shrugged.

"Dunno. We were both pretty fucking tired."

"I guess, but the ringtone is Buckcherry."

"Really fucking tired then." Rick drawled. I rolled my eyes and opened up the inbox, then froze as I saw that every single call was from Damien. I felt my blood turn to ice as I snuck a quick peek at Rick, who was yawning and stretching very lightly in case of reopening his wound. I quickly looked back, biting my lower lip before I slid out of bed.

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