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"I'm wearing a cross around my neck! So if I were you, I wouldn't come any closer!" I shiver, holding out my golden cross necklace. My father gave it to me right before he passed away. I was young then, so this is the only memory I'm able to hold on to.

Calum lets out an airy life before suddenly appearing in front of me. How does he do that? His head tilts to the side creepily as a small smirk makes its way to his face.

"So humans really do believe everything they see on Tv," he says as if it's some practical joke. This is no joke you idiot!

"Well if I'm just some human that you can't even kill, why do you need me?" I ask, my eyebrows furrowing angrily. If I want to make it out of here, I've got to work up at least some courage.

"You're so dumb," He growls, forcibly pinning me against the wall.

"Stop! Your friend said that you can kill me!" I shriek, gripping is blood stained shirt in my fists. I wonder who's blood this is anyway...

"Do you think I give a fück about what Luke says? Besides, I'm not gonna kill you, just have a bit to get some of my energy back," He sighs.

"If you want some of your energy back then you should go to sleep!" I utter, squeezing my eyes shut.

"Vampires don't sleep you dummy,"

"Stop calling me dumb! Your the one who told me not to believe in the things on tv!" I snap, immediately recoiling when his eyes blaze red.

"I'd get rid of that smart mouth if I were you," he growls, slowly inching closer to my neck.

"GET AWAY!" I scream, thrashing myself against his grasp.

"Calum," a small voice interrupts.

Calum lets out a small grunt, slowly stepping away from me. My eyes open, seeing that Ashton has somehow made his way into the room, looking at both Calum and I.

"I don't want you hurting Grey," Ashton whispers, his vacant stare aimed at Calum.

"We're vampires Ash, it's what we do,"

"No. My power is to hurt people. That's my job," Ashton replies. My breath catches in my throat at his words, What could his power possibly be?

"Ashton, we all need blood to survive which means hurting humans. It's not just your job to do that, I have to in order to survive, mate," Calum explains slowly, almost as if he's walking in eggshells.

"You're right," Ashton mumbles, exiting the room. What just happened.

"Wha-what I-I-Is his pa-pa-power?" I stutter, my teeth chattering not like a hypothermic victim.

"That's for me to know and you to find out," Calum mumbles, "Well now that he ruined the mood, I shall be going,"

What? So now there has to be a 'mood' to drink blood?

Whatever, I'm just grateful that he's leaving.

"Now don't let anyone else have you, especially Michael. If any one of them tries something on you just call my name," Calum winks, slamming the door shut as he leaves.

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