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"I-I'm really sorry sir! I promise I can do better! Just let me have a redo, please!" I plead, my eyes hopefully staring at the frightened driving instructor.

Let's just say that my drivers test didn't go as planned...

"You are one of the worst drivers I have ever been with! This- this... Just stay here," He huffs, storming out of the car and into the building. 

No doubt I failed that...

"Fücking Hëll," I sigh, putting the palms of my hands to my eyes. I should have my license by now, I'm 18 years old!

     In high school, I was way too scared to even attempt drivers Ed. My anxiety made it hard for me to try new things, luckily, I've been able to control my anxiety since then, considering I'm off to college. However, that doesn't really matter since I apparently suck at driving.

"This is stupid!" I shout, pounding my fists against the wheel.

     Suddenly, the passenger side door opens, giving me hope that the man will give me another chance. Look, I don't just want my license, I need it.

"Please, sir! I promise I will uh...." I trail off, Seeing that this isn't the driving instructor, but a young man.

      My eyes widen, noticing the blood smeared across his lips, accompanied by a metal stake plunged straight through his stomach. Oh... My... God...

"HOLY MY JËSUS.... Are you okay!?" I attempt to calm myself down, my hands covering my mouth.

"Drive," He growls, his eyes turning red in color, contrasting greatly with his dark brown hair. His large hands reach down, grasping the stake and pulling it out.

"OH- ma- my... HELP ME!" I scream at the top of my lungs, clawing at door handle. Click. It just locked on its own...

     I refuse to look back at the frightening boy, holding my gaze on the outside of the car. A bunch of men appear in the distance, mysterious weapons held in their hands.

"drive!" The boy bellows next to me.

"I CANT!" I shout back, my body shaking in fear. What is he? Are these people after him?

"Look me in the eyes," He whispers, grabbing my chin and forcing me to make eye contact, "I'm telling you to drive,"

     His eyes suddenly go from brown to yellow, while his words echo in my head. For some reason, my hand twists the key, turning on the ignition. Why am I doing this? I don't want to!

     My foot presses the gas, sending the car over the curb and onto the main road. How? I have zero control over my own actions!

"Make it stop!" I scream, trying with every once of energy to stop the car.

"Go faster,"

      Once again, his words are the only thing I can hear as I begin to weave through traffic. Car horns blast with every move, every red light, and at every turn. I'm going to crash.

"Go left,"

     I jerk the wheel, sending us down a dark road with trees that look as if they can touch the sky. This isn't good... Does he have special powers or something? Mind control? I don't believe in that shït...

     Maybe if I think hard enough, I can stop myself. This could be like a major panic attack or something and it's just controlling what I do.  Or this just a dream and this guy doesn't really exist... What if I've gone crazy?

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