Immunity Charm

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      I feel my body tense out of a fear, my eyes rapidly scanning the room for an escape route. Never would I ever have thought that I would be forced to drive myself into my own kidnapping... Especially by psycho hypnotizers!

That's what they have to be, right?

        Before thinking twice, I spin around and push the brunette out of the way, sprinting for the door. If I can get to my car, I'm pretty sure I can make it out of here alive... Well, hopefully.

"The doors locked, you know," I hear the red head chuckle evilly. PSYCHO!

"Let me go!" I yell, pounding the wood with my hands. I refuse to give up that easily.

"Guess I'll have to tire her out..."

       A hand suddenly spins me around, my eyes staring into the red head. His tongue swipes across his lower lip as he grins with excitement. Holy shït... What do I do?

      My body begins to tremble, nothing wanting to function as his smile widens. It's almost as if he's enjoying scaring me. How am I supposed to escape?

"Michael, remember the rule," The brunette grunts, his arms crossed disapprovingly over his broad chest.

"Just one taste," The red head sighs, a couple of his teeth suddenly coming to a point.

"OH MY GOD PLEASE DON'T! WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU PEOPLE!?" I shriek, covering my face with my hands.

"You don't need to know, it's not like you'll be alive for that long anyway,"

       Hot breath touches my neck as I feel his hair tickle my cheek. Holy shït... I must be dreaming. I HAVE to be dreaming! These types of things only exist in books and movies; Not in real life!

"Fücking Hëll Clifford,"

The Brunette forcibly pulls his friend off me, freeing me from his grasp. "Time to run," I think to myself as I make a break for the stairs. My feet pound against the red carpeting, not even realizing what a nice house this is.

"See, you should have let me drain her a bit," I hear the red head chuckle bitterly.

I really hope I'm just on an episode of punk'd.

I start to book it down a long hallway, different doors lining each side making the process of finding an exit much more difficult. How can these people have such a nice house?

"Who are you?" A small voice asks, causing me to whip around in fear.

"I-I tha-think I should be asking you that," I stutter, attempting to catch my breath.

"But this is my house," his head tilts to the side, curls falling down over his face.

"Your one of them," I breath out quietly, beginning to walk backward to get away.

"One of who?" He asks, his eyes looking strangely vacant as if he's in another world.

"HELP ME!" I scream, turning my back to the creepy man.

As I approach the end of the hallway, a large window marks the end. Having no choice, I grab a chair and swing it at the glass windowing, shattering a bit of it to piecing. I'm gonna have to jump.

I look back for a second, making sure I have a bit of distance between me and the creeps. My head then snaps back around, only to come face to face with the man who brought me here.

"You're pretty fast for a human," he smirks. His hand then grasps my wrist, dragging me back to where I came from.

"Let me go!" I yell, struggling against his grip the best I can.

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