Ashton's Power

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I wake with a yawn, stretching my arm out to touch a ray of sunlight coming from the window. It's a beautiful day out... I wonder if Tyler would want to go down town. Of course I don't have my license so he'd have to drive-

    My eyes scan the room from left to right, slowly coming to the realization that I'm not on my bedroom. I instantly reach for my neck, wincing as soon as my fingertips come in contact with a bandage.

This is real.

     I reach out, grabbing an old dial phone to call for help. It must be broken or something, I doubt my kidnappers would leave a random phone right by my side. I quickly dial my home phone number, praying my mom will pick up.

Ring... Ring.... Ring..... Ring


"Mom!" I Yelp, feeling hopeful tears form in my eyes, "I-I've been kidnapped by these really creepy people and I have no idea who they are and-"

"I'm sorry, but uhm, who is this again?" My mom asks, causing my heart to jump into my throat.

"It's me, mom? Grey... You're daughter," I explain slowly, remembering Calum's weird äss vampire power.

"I don't have a daughter, who is this?" She asks again.

    Before she can say anything else I slam the phone back into its holder.

What do I do?

My own mother doesn't even remember me...

"Are you gonna cry?"

    My head snaps to the doorway, Ashton leaning on the frame as he looks at me with his weird eyes. Being in his presence might just send me into a panic attack... Why is he so creepy?

"No," I choke out, feeling my throat starting to close up.

"You sure? It makes me happy to see humans cry," He breaths out, his eyes dilating.

Holy shït.

"Well that's different..." I trail off, feeling myself beginning to get petrified with fear.

"You have a bandage on your neck," He points out, taking a step into the room.

I might just jump out this window...

"Y-yeah?" I stutter, scooting away from him.

"Can I see what it's covering?" He asks, tilting his head to the side.


"NO! I mean, n-no," I whisper, covering it with my hand, "it's still kind of, like, healing,"

"Who's it from?"

"Uh, no one I just kind of scratched myself..."

"I said 'who's it from?'"

      At this point he's made it to the bed, staring down at me with he's beady eyes. His hair hangs in his face, framing his pale completion as he licks his lips.

"I need to pee," I squeak out, jumping past him and sprinting down the stairs. Honesty, where even is the bathroom?

"Luke, pass the toast please,"

      My eyes widen at the sight of Luke, Michael, and Calum all sitting at a table... Eating human food. Aren't vampires only supposed to survive in blood?

"Wow, Ashton got finished fast than I expected," Michael shrugs, smirking at Calum who seems to be angered.

"Where is he?" Luke asks me, my heart speeding up.

"H-he's still upstairs," I breath out, turning around only to see him right behind me.

     I let out a loud gasp, backing up into their dinner table out of fright. Oh my god, what if he kills me for running away? I mean, they did say his power could kill people right?

"She ran away," He states, his face staying the same as always.

"Good," Calum grunts, "she's meant to be mine anyways,"


"I heard you called your mom. How is she?" Michael smirks. How did he know?

    I furrow my eyebrows at him, feeling my anger bubbling up inside me. They've all ruined my life...

"Great," I whisper, slowly making my way towards the window, just incase.

"Really?" He questions, "because from what I heard, she's never had a daughter,"

He could hear the whole conversation?

      I feel my jaw clench, as well as my fists. I'm so scared, yet so angry... Such a strange mix of emotions that I can't even organize my thoughts. I'd rather die than be with these psychopaths...

I'd rather die.

Ashton's power can kill.

    Without giving it a second thought, I march straight up to Ashton, looking him in the eyes. My breathing becomes irregular, the feeling of death must be scary, but it's better than being here.

"Kill me," I say, grasping onto his shirt. His eyebrows raise slightly, a tiny hint of emotion displaying in his usually vacant irises.

"Okay," is all he says before I feel myself being pushed to the ground.

     I automatically squeeze my eyes shut, confusion settling over me when I hear a grunt of pain. Slowly, I look up to see Luke clenching his chest, his veins popping out on his neck and face.

"Ashton stop" Michael shouts, Ashton's eyes suddenly changing from a glossy red back to theirs usual color.

"Idiot," I hear Calum's voice whisper, Helping me up to my feet.

"You can't kill her!" Luke yells, sizing up to Ashton, "She's out immunity charm!"

"If she's an immunity charm you shouldn't have been affected by my power," Ashton's sighs.

"I was affected because she doesn't know how to use her power yet!" Luke growls, wiping some sweat off his forehead. I've never seen Luke look this scary.

"Then teach her," Ashton shrugs, going back into his emotionless state. What is wrong with him?

"I will," Luke grunts, grasping my wrist tightly whilst dragging me out of the dining room.

"Uh, uhm, where are you taking me?" I choke out, losing some trust in Luke. I've been hopeful that maybe he isn't like the others.

"Just shut up," he replies, clearly annoyed.

I mean, he did just save me from getting killed...

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