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"Get up, we're going to school,"

I jolt awake, pulling the covers to my chin as give Calum a questioning look.

"School?" I ask, trying to figure out if I was hearing him right.

"That's what I said," he scoffs, throwing an uniform at me, "Wear this,"

After that he disappears from sight, leaving me to wonder what the Hëll he was on about. I carefully slide the covers off of me to study the strange outfit.

Vampire Vice Academy is written on the coat pocket in small red script. Vampire's go to school? Not only that, but they have there very own Academy?

I quickly put on the white button up shirt, followed by the black jacket over top. The skirt is actually quite cute, with its two buttons on either side and frills at the bottom. To top it all off I tie the red ribbon around the collar and slip on the black thigh high socks.

My eyes trace my appearance in the mirror, _noticing "property of 5SOS" written on both sleeve cuffs. What is that supposed to mean?

"Grey are you ready?" I hear Calum's voice call from the other side of the door.

"Y-yes," I reply back, shuffling his way, "since when is there a school for vampires?"

"I don't know, Since forever..." He replies, scratching his chin.

I find it strange to think that there is a whole other world outside the one I used to know.

"What do you even learn?" I ask as we make our way down the long hallway.

"Mostly about human culture actually, because if you've been a vamp for awhile you gotta keep up with the times," Calum explains.

"How long have you been a vampire?"

"Not that long,"

"How longs that?"

"Goddammit you ask way to many questions," he huffs, roughly grabbing my wrist to pull me in the right direction. His skin is freezing...

When we get to the bottom of the stairs, Luke and Michael are waiting for us. I do a quick check of the room, seeing no sign of Ashton anywhere.

"Ready to go, little one?" Michael smirks, rocking back and forth on his feet. I subconsciously find myself hiding behind Calum, even though he probably has no intentions of protecting me.

"You tell her the rules?" Luke asks. Calum shakes his head.

"I'll explain them in the way there," Michael smiles cheerfully... a little too cheerfully as well.

Honestly, I shouldn't be surprised by the fact that a limo takes them to school...

"So basically, at our academy we're aloud to take 'pets'," Michael starts.

"Pets?" I question in an unsure tone.

"Yeah, as in you, little one. Basically, all vampires wear white ties, girls wear white bows. Pets either wear a red bow or tie. You basically abide by the same rules as us, but you are only aloud to talk to us three during the day, and can't acknowledge anyone else,"

"What if I do?"

"You'll get eaten," Luke chimes in, examining his fingernails. Chills run up my spine.

"Also, 'Property of 5SOS' is written on your cuffs so that other vamp's don't get any ideas. They don't always follow that though, so always stay with one of us. Got it, little one?" Michael smiles, cocking his head in my direction.

"Yes, but, what is '5SOS'?"

"It's us, Luke, Michael, Ashton, and I," Calum answers.

"What's it stand for?"

"Who knows," Calum sighs, the others shrugging their shoulders.

I purse my lips, thinking about the title '5SOS'. It feels like I've heard it somewhere... it's on the tip of my tongue, I know it. Why do I think of music... a song that had 'perfect' in it rings a bell-

"We're here!" Michael cheers, holding the door open for us as we exit the limousine. What the actual f....

A gigantic stone building, almost a castle, stands before me. Touching the blue sky with flags on either side. A large archway marks the entrance, 'Vampire Vice Academy' engraved in it.

"How have I never seen this before...?" I question, eyeing it in all its glory.

"All vampire's can see it, and only humans who wear the uniform can," Luke says, starting up the stone walkway.

We all follow behind him, a bit of anxiety coursing through me as I watch other vampires stare at me. They almost all lick their lips with anticipation.

My eyes start to look for people with red bows or ties, hoping that just maybe someone can relate to my unusual situation. However, much to my disappointed, everyone here seems to be wearing white. Quite ironic for vampires to have white ribbons...

"Oooo, mind introducing me to this lovely guest?" A guy with long, dark hair asks.

Calum lets out a small grunt, "mate, school rules say you can't acknowledge pets,"

"Yeah but this one smells a whole lot better than the others..."

I instantly tense up, staring at the stones at my feet. I've never felt so guilty about complaining to my parents, not saying a simple 'I love you' back to them. If I were given the chance, I would do anything to go back three days ago to when I had my drivers ed exam.

"What's your name?" He asks me this time, lifting my chin so that I can look him in his red eyes.

Red eyes.

They aren't yellowish like Calum's... now that I think of it, Luke's eyes are also yellow. Are Michael's?

"They're yellow," I hear Michael say, everyone looking him, "Sorry... mind reading,"

"Oh, well if you're gonna use your powers I might as well use mine," the stranger sighs.

"Don't you fücking dare, Harry," Calum hisses, turning me around to look at him.

"But I'm bored," Harry's voice somehow changes from playful to frightening within seconds.

Suddenly, I am pulled from Calum's grasp and into Harry's. Fear strikes my heart, knowing that everyone hear value's me to no extent. Meaning that they don't care whether I live or die, they just want my blood.

"Love me" Harry smiles evilly, his eyes turning pink as he stares into my sole. I feel my vision go blurry, the image of Harry replaced with something I can't describe. Something that I have total adoration over.

Something I love.

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