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My heart was pounding against my chest as I watched the two men struggle. Fear snatched all of my common sense away, paralyzing me.

My eyes didn't leave the fight, I was too focused on him. He was protecting me and it felt so wrong. I did something so cruel to someone like him, why isn't he leaving me to endure the pain?

I wanted to scream for them to stop, for him to stop. The man he was fighting was so much stronger than him, but he didn't back down. The fire of rage burned within his silver colored eyes.

I swear my heart stopped three times in the past fifteen minutes. Neither one of them seemed tired and ready to submit.

He dodged each of the man's hits with swiftness. His own hits were carefully thought out and delivered obvious pain.

"You're a fool, boy." The larger man growled.

He didn't break eye contact, "I believe you're the fool here, Angelo."

The man's eyes flashed as he suddenly grabbed him by the throat. I snapped my attention to the ally as two men walked out. I let out a noise before the one covered my mouth.

He didn't have time to defend himself before the second man snatched him by the throat and slammes him onto the ground.

Aneglo smirked at him as he stood before him. He spit out some blood and climbed to his feet.

Angelo chuckled, "It's a shame you left the family business, little brother. Such a shame."

Tears pooled into my eyes as Angelo pulled out a knife and shoved it into his stomach.

He coughed up blood as he doubled over. His grey eyes found mine as a small smile appeared on his face.

"I-I guess I s-screwed th-this up...huh?"

I was forced to watch as he fell to the ground.


A/N: Yes, this isn't a werewolf book! But I want to try something different.

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