Entry 4

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Dear diary,
It's been almost a month since I've started personally healing Jaehin. I'm so happy, it's going perfectly. And best thing is, every one thinks it's the chemotherapy. I have to go to a meeting today, maybe I'll try to convince them that the cancer is healing so quickly is because of her weird case. Nevertheless, all is going well.

I've also been hanging out with her dad a lot, Kim Junmyeon. I can't lie and say that I'm not feeling the slightest attraction to him. His smile makes me smile, his laugh is completely adorable and the way he clings to me is just heart wrenchingly cute. I know it's kinda bad to be crushing on the dad of my cancer patient but I can't help it! He's too damn attractive. We've been hanging out everyday actually. After Chemo, he takes me out for coffee or lunch or even just a walk. I'm quite enjoying his company.

Yixing sighed as he finished his sketch of the latter.

Isn't he just so handsome? Anyway, I have to go check up on my other patients

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Isn't he just so handsome? Anyway, I have to go check up on my other patients. Until next time....

Yixing clicked his pen and slipped it in his pocket. The teenage girl looked up at him, "Is there anything wrong with me?" She asked in a quavering voice.

Yixing shook his head, "Nothing major, just keep taking those meds and you'll be fine."

Like that, Yixing hopped from one room to another, doing his daily checkups. It was about 7:30 by the time he finished his work. Yixing collapsed on the couch in his office. Work had been excruciatingly exhausting and Yixing got less than two hours of sleep each night.

His eyes closed heavily right as knocked on his door. Yixing groaned loudly as he pushed himself up. He trudged over to the door and pulled it weakly open. Junmyeon frowned when he saw Yixing.

"Yixing? Are you okay?"

"I'm Myeonnie, good......wait I mean I'm good, Myeonnie ."
Junmyeon chuckled as Yixing seemed to be in a drunken state, despite not drinking a drop of alcohol. Junmyeon helped him up and let Yixing lean against him.

"Myeonnie-poo ur so cutie-poo." Yixing drawled as he poked Junmyeon's cheek.

Junmyun stifled a laugh as he carried (dragged) the doctor to his car. A nurse passing by gasped when she saw Yixing.

"I-is he okay?"

Junmyeon flashed his trademark warm smile, "He's fine, just a little tired that's all."

"Myeonnie-poo, can you buy me a unicorn?"

Junmyun laughed nervously, "Okay he's a lot tired."'

Then nurse nodded slowly and bowed before walking away. Junmyeon let out a sigh before pulling Yixing closer. The man was slipping because he refused to use his legs.

"You know what...fuck it." Junmyeon said before shifting Yixing onto his back.

Yixing gasped and lightly smacked Junmyeon's mouth, "No bad words! The kiddies will hear you!"

Junmyeon looked around the hallway, but it was empty. He rolled his eyes and continued walking. Junmyeon finally made it to his car, despite the wiggling, delusional Yixing on his back who insisted that Junmyeon was  a horse.

It took a while but Junmyeon wrestled Yixing into the front seat and forcefully buckled him in. Junmyeon slammed the door shut, right as Yixing's head went limp. Junmyeon sighed loudly as he watched Yixing fall into deep sleep.

"This is worse than Jongdae getting drunk." He mumbled to himself as he got into the drivers seat. Thank god Yixing fell asleep because there was no way Junmyeon would have driven home safely with Yixing clinging onto him. Junmyeon wasn't going to deny it, he found the latter very cute. He liked how Yixing was always composed (except now) and was confident in himself.

That's something Junmyeon could never do. Ever since he was young, Junmyun had always been insecure. Whether it was his looks, or his abilities..... Junmyeon always thought he was short of the expectations. There was only one person that Junmyeon didn't feel that way with. And that was Jaehin's mother. Junmyeon refused to even think of her name, fearing it would send him back into a  emotionless, depressed state he felt when she first passed away.

But Junmyeon was healing.

After all, that's what humans do.

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