Entry 1

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Dear Diary,
I met this little girl today. She's the sweetest thing ever. I really want to help her. And I can. But I was advised not to use my healing for this.

But I can't help it.
She's so young and so full of potential. I hope that writing can help me sort out my thoughts.
Until next time, good bye.

- Yixing.

Yixing sighed and put the pen down. He was very conflicted.
Little 4 year old Kim Jaehin was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was a weird case. The cancer seemed to skip the first stages and skipped to the later, more deadlier stages. Yixing wanted nothing more then to use his talent and heal her. But he was under close watch by his higher officials.

His 'ability' was a close guarded secret. No one in the hospital knew, not even the Chairman.

The officials warned him not use his power on patients, no matter how pitiful they were. Yixing hated that. He had a wonderful talent, he should be using it for good. He was snapped out of his thought by a timid knock on his door.

"Come in."

Byun Baekhyun, the head nurse and a childhood friend of Yixing peeked his head in, "Doc you might want to check up on Jaehin. She's been having trouble breathing all morning."

Yixing stood up and slipped his diary back into its original spot on his bookshelf. He followed the short man through the hospital. Baekhyun was yammering away as usual, and Yixing was ignoring him, like usual.  Yixing slowly slid open the door and walked in.
Jaehin was in the bed right next to window. Yixing wanted her to have a good a view. Jaehin seemed to be sleeping and there was a man holding her hand. His head was resting against the hospital bed. Yixing walked over to them and gently placed a hand on the man's shoulder. His head popped up and Yixing grimaced at his blood shot eyes.

"Are you okay?" Yixing asked gently, rubbing the man's shoulder comfortingly.

The man nodded.

"Can we talk?"

The man nodded again and stood up. He pressed a kiss against Jaehin's temple and followed Yixing out into the hallway.

"Hello I'm Yixing. I'm the doctor in charge of the children's wing in this hospital."

The man bowed, "My name is Kim Junmyeon...how is my daughter doing?"

Yixing smiled sadly, "I'm trying my hardest. But her case is a bit strange. The cancer seemed to skip the first stages and is at the later, more fatal stage."

Junmyeon blinked and sat down, "O-oh....is these anything y-you could do?"

Yixing's heart tightened at the sound of his wavering voice.

He sat down next to Junmyeon, who buried his head in his hands. Yixing frowned when he heard muffled sobs. He looked right and left before making a decision.

"I want to talk to you. Follow me to my office so we have some privacy."

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