Entry 6

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Dear diary,

IT'S DONE! I've completely healed Jaehin. I talked to the other doctors and the hospitals and they believed my story when I said this was because of her weird case. But that's not important, the most important thing is that Jaehin is 100% healthy. Junmyeon doesn't know yet so I'm planning to surprise him.
I'll tell you how it goes

Yixing sighed contently as he slipped off his doctor's coat. He shrugged on his black winter coat and exited his office, making sure to lock it behind him. He made his way to Jaehin's room, where she was left to pack. Mainly her unicorn that her dad bought her and a couple other toys Yixing bought her. Unfortunately she didn't have any other clothes except the hospital gowns. Yixing couldn't call Junmyeon either without ruining the surprise. Yixing pulled out his sweatshirt from his bag and entered the room. Jaehin spun around, her little pigtails dangling from her head. After the treatment, Yixing also helped grow her hair back. She had such beautiful black hair and Yixing thought it was a shame that they had the shave it all off.


Yixing smiled widely as the little girl ran to his arms. He caught here as she ran into him, spinning her in the air while she wrapped her short arms around his neck.
"Baby! How are you?"

Jaehin giggled as he poked Yixing's cheek, "I just want to see daddy."

Yixing smiled, "You'll see daddy in just a few but we need to get you clothes first."

Jaehin nodded and Yixing set her down on the floor. She let Yixing slip off her hospital gown and put her in his sweatshirt. Yixing chucked as the material pooled around her arms, and covered her entire body. Jaehin giggled as the material went past her hands by a couple of inches.

"Look Xingie! It's a dress!"

Yixing smiled as he picked Jaehin up, "It's the prettiest dress that I've ever seen."

Jaehin beamed as she held her unicorn plushie close. Yixing walked out of her room only to run into Baekhyun, who was dressed to go out.
"Oh doc, glad to catch you on your way out."
Yixing smiled, "What's up Baek, but hurry I need to take little princess here shopping before she sees her dad."

Baekhyun smiled, "I want to come with. I've been dying to see Junmyeon's reaction. Plus you have a terrible sense of fashion."

Yixing rolled his eyes as he pushed past Baekhyun, "Hurry up."

Baekhyun let out a silent cheer of victory before he followed Yixing while making faces at Jaehin.

"All done!" Baekhyun said, ushering Jaehin out of the changing rooms. Instead of Yixing's sweatshirt, Jaehin was wearing a cute, light white dress that went down to her knees. She had lacy socks and shoes that looked like converse. Baekhyun caught Yixing's glance at her shoes.

"I wanted her to wear flats but she really wanted to wear the converse."

"Eh don't blame her, alright let's go. Junmyeon invited me for dinner."

Jaehin grabbed hold of Yixing's outstretched pinky and padded alongside him as they walked back to his car.

"Dinner mmh?"

Yixing scoffed, "I know that tone, there's nothing between me or Myeon okay? We're just friends."

Baekhyun snorted, "Yea and Chanyeol isn't an overly happy giant."

"Hey cut him some slack, he is the happiest cancer patient I've ever seen."

Baekhyun's face fell at the word 'cancer'. Yixing stopped in his tracks and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, "I'll try my best to heal him."


"Just how I healed Jaehin."

"Wait you healed Jaehin? How is that possible...I...I thought it was the chemo."
Yixing shook his head, "Now's not the time but Baek trust me. I will save him."
Baekhyun nodded and sat in the backseat with Jaehin. 

Yixing strapped in his seat belt and turned around, looking Jaehin straight in the eye, "Ready to go see daddy?"

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