Entry 11

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Don't worry, the next chapter is the final one!

Dear diary,

Today was really fun. I spent the whole day with Jaehin and her class. They were all super cute! But I'm getting worried, I keep getting emails and messages from an unknown address and they send me the same thing each time.
"Break away."

I don't understand what that means. I don't know if I want to tell junmyeon either, he seemed pretty stressed out about his own work.

I guess only time will tell, for now, I will try to live normally.


The rain was loud, drowning out all the other sounds. Yixing finally turned off the t.v after letting out his fifth yawn. Jaehin was already upstairs fast asleep and Yixing was waiting for Junmyeon to come home.

Yixing bit his tongue.

How could he say that word so carelessly. This was Junmyeon and Jaehin's house. Yixing was just babysitting, he was being a good boyfriend. After Junmyeon came home, Yixing would kiss him good night and off he goes, back to his lonely apartment.

Thunder crackled outside, louder than before. Yixing flinched when he heard crying. He dashed upstairs, almost tripping on the last step. He burst into Jaehin's room to see her sitting up in the dark, crying.

Yixing quickly swooped in, pressing light kisses on her forehead as he hugged her, "Hey baby, I'm here....don't cry mommy is here." He cooed softly, rocking them back and forth.

Jaehin finally calmed down, her sobs turning into small sniffles before stopping completely.

"Was it a bad dream baby?" Yixing asked, slowly guiding Jaehin to lie down again. Jaehin obliged, letting Yixing tuck her in, "Yes....a monster took mommy away from Jaehin and daddy."

Jaehin looked up, blinking her large hazel doe eyes which were filled up to the brim with tears, "You won't leave me....right mommy?"

Yixing froze.

How was he supposed to answer a question like that?! Jaehin whimpered, balling her little fists together, "You're going to leave....just like my first mommy!"

Yixing's eyes widened as Jaehin burst into tears. His heart clenched as he tried to calm the little girl down, "No no Jaehin, please sweetie! I won't leave! I promise. I won't leave you, I won't leave daddy."

Jaehin stopped crying and looked up at Yixing, "You promise?"

Yixing nodded, "Promise."

Jaehin sniffed as wiped her nose as she held out her left pinky, "Pinky promise?"

Yixing grinned as he linked his own pinky with Jaehin's, "Pinky promise."

Jaehin smiled widely, all traces of sadness wiped from her face as she placed a big kiss on Yixing's cheek, "I love you mommy!" She exclaimed while snuggling into her blanket. Yixing's eyes widened as soon as those words left Jaehin's mouth, "I...I love you too baby."

Yixing kicked off his slippers, propping his feet up on the small bed. Jaehin giggled and moved over to make space for Yixing. Yixing covered Jaehin with the blanket and laid on top of it next to her. Yixing wasn't as cold as Jaehin so he let the little one hog the fluffy duvet.

Jaehin closed her eyes, letting out a deep sigh as she snuggled into Yixing's side, happy that her mommy was there to protect her from all the bad dreams.

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