Entry 8

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Dear Diary,


Something has happened


Four hours earlier:

Yixing sighed as he leaned back in his rolly chair. It's been a long 24 hours. He hasn't slept, eaten and barely drank anything. The patient files keep piling up and there wasn't a time where Yixing wasn't working. It was times like this where Yixing regretted being a doctor but when he saw the look on someone's face when they were told their loved ones were okay, it was all worth it.

There was a faint knock on the door. Yixing sat straight, rearranging his desk for a visitor. The door slowly opened and Yixing slumped in his seat when he saw Junmyeon's familiar face.
"Oh thank god it's just you."

"There's a compliment in there somewhere but hey! I brought food."

Yixing looked up at the word food. Junmyeon smiled widely as he shook a bag of greasy fast food.

"OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU." Yixing yelled as he raced to Junmyeon's side, giving a tight squeeze before making off with the bag of food.
Junmyeon chuckled as he watched Yixing scarf down the food.

"Long day?"

Yixing nodded, mouth full of fries.
"You wouldn't believe the amount of people who needed my help today! It's gotta be a new record." Yixing ranted as Junmyeon paced his office.

Yixing slurped the last of his drink when his phone started to ring. He sighed heavily before answering. Junmyeon turned to see Yixing's smile fade, his eyebrows furrow and his mouth turn into a scowl.

"Again?! Does he WANT to die?"

Junmyeon frowned, he didn't like it when Yixing was upset. He made his way behind his desk, placing a hand on Yixing's shoulder. Yixing turned and smiled gratefully as he leaned his head on Junmyeon's hand.

"Ugh fine I'm coming."

Yixing hung up clearly upset. He leaned back in his chair as Junmyeon pulled his hand away.

"What's wrong?"

"Kim fucking Jongin. He keeps refusing to eat or take any of his medicines."

"What happened to him?"

"He got in an accident. He said he was driving his boyfriend home when another car came and hit them. He's paralyzed from the waist down. It's terrible because he was a dancer. I saw some of his performances, they were top notch."

Junmyeon frowned, "Such a talented kid, what a shame."

Yixing nodded before getting up. "I'll be right back, but in the mean time, make yourself at home."

Junmyeon nodded before plopping down on the couch smiling when Yixing burst out laughing at his antics.

"Jongin please, just take them!"

The tan male stubbornly shook his head, "Why does it matter? I'm never going to dance again."

Yixing slammed the tray down, startling Jongin. He glared at the younger boy, angry that he would give up that quickly.

"Unbelievable. I thought, you, such a passionate dancer...I thought you would put up more of a fight. I didn't expect you to give up so quickly."

Jongin opened his mouth but Yixing shushed him. He placed a hand on Jongin's calf.
"Do you feel that?"

Jongin shook his head.
Yixing closed his eyes and willed the nerves to reconnect, for the muscles to regain their strength, for Jongin to believe that he could walk again.
Yixing pulled away gasping, clutching his hand close to his body.

"Wiggle your toes."

"But I can-"

"Don't you fucking say can't, now wiggle your toes."

Jongin gulped, clearly intimidated by this doctor who suddenly went from an angelic doctor to a swearing strict teacher. He strained his toes, smiling widely when his big toes flinched. He laughed out loud, not caring how psychotic he sounded.

"Doctor Yixing! I can move my toes...I can dance again!" Tears rolled down his face as he thanked Yixing over and over again. Yixing smiled and gently wiped Jongin's tears.
"You should never say can't, that only blocks you from doing things you can do."
Jongin nodded earnestly as he continued wiggling his toes. Yixing smiled and placed a light kiss on his forehead before walking out.

He sighed contently, stuffing his hands in his pockets. Yixing was happy he could help someone. It didn't matter how much he got paid, as long as he sees the smiles on his patients face, he was happy. Because those smiles were priceless.

Yixing unlocked his office door, smiling as he entered the room.
"Junnie!! I'm back." He called happily as he shut the door behind him.

He looked up, confused why Junmyeon didn't reply immediately. He froze when he saw Junmyeon sitting in his office chair, a familiar diary in his hands. Yixing gulped as he eyed the drawing of Junmyeon he had drawn. It was thrown haphazardly onto the table.


"Were you ever planning on telling me?"

Yixing blinked, "Telling you what?"

"That you liked me?"

"I...I was but I'm afraid."

Junmyeon stood up, placing the dairy on the desk before walking closer to Yixing.

"Afraid of what Yixing?" The brown haired man asked gently.

"That you didn't feel the same way." Yixing mumbled as he looked down. He oddly felt like a child caught doing something bad and now he was being lectured.

"If you never planned on telling me, how would you know if I returned the feelings or not?"

Yixing didn't answer, instead he kept his gaze on his converse as he bit his lower lip. He flinched when he felt a hand on his chin, slowly pulling his gaze up. He relaxed when he saw Junmyeon's smiling face.

"You're such an idiot."

Before Yixing had time to respond, he was cut off by a pair of lips on his own.

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