Entry 10

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Dear diary,

Everyday with Junmyeon and Jaehin makes me happy. We've set up a routine.
It's dangerous, getting used to someone so quickly. But it closing in to four months and I couldn't be happier. Jaehin continues to call me mommy (fuck you Junmyeon) and it feels like we're a close family.

It's soon, I know but love has no time. If it's meant to be, it doesn't matter how quickly it happens.

The elders are starting to suspect me though. I was scared, Junmyeon had to calm me down multiple times. I don't know how much longer I can lie to them.


Yixing's head pounded. He had to answer to the hospital counsel. He had to answer them about how so many of his patients are being cured, even the most hopeless ones. Yixing couldn't keep pulling excuses out of his ass and he was genuinely frightened for the future.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when he felt a faint tug on his pant leg.

He looked down to see Jaehin sleepily tugging at the hem of his sweatpants. He frowned and picked her up, situating her on his lap, "What are you doing up baby girl?"

"Had to wake up early, its family day at school." Jaehin mumbled. She poked Yixing's cheek, "I want mommy to come....and daddy too. We can wear fun onesies."

Yixing frowned, "I don't have a onesie."

"Guess we have to go shopping."

And that's how Yixing ended up in a costume shop at 7:30 in the morning. He was still in his sweatpants and Junmyeon's shirt, seeing that he would most probably end up wearing a onesie of Jaehin's choice.

"Hmmm for mommy......this one!" Jaehin tugged at a light pink and purple unicorn onesie. Yixing's mouth dropped open as an amused Junmyeon nudged the costume at Yixing, "Try it on babe."

It took Yixing all his energy not to glare at the troublesome Kim's. He smiled bitterly and took the onesie in his hand. Jaehin clapped victoriously before gasping.

"I found daddy's!" She yelled as she took off down the aisle. Junmyeon and Yixing had to sprint to catch up with her.

Junmyeon's face fell as he took in the onesie she was pointing at. Yixing, on the other hand doubled over in laughter. He wiped an astray tear as he handed Junmyeon the onesie.

"A bunny." Junmyeon choked out. Yixing flashed a smile at the stunned male, "Try it on...babe."

Yixing came out of the changing room, now dressed as a pink and purple unicorn. Junmyeon was close behind him, dawned in a white bunny onesie.

They waited patiently for Jaehin to come out. The little girl snapped at them to go change while she picks out her own onesie.

She claimed it was a surprise and demanded that she wore it alone. Yixing and Junmyeon let her do whatever because they were starting to run late.

In a minute, the door opened, revealing a small 3 foot dragon.
Well, little Jaehin in a dragon onesie.

"Hey no fair! We have to be the cuddly creatures while you're a mean dragon!" Junmyeon complained, stomping his foot childishly.

Jaehin pointed at his foot, "That's why you're the bunny, daddy."

Yixing couldn't help but laugh.

They received a lot of weird looks as they walked through the school, trying to find Jaehin's preschool class.

"Here it is!" She announced excitingly as she pulled both Yixing and Junmyeon inside the class room. Their entrance silenced the room. I mean, if you saw a small girl in a dragon onesie, holding hands with two guys in a unicorn and bunny onesies, that's bound to turn a few heads.

A short man approached them, his light brown hair swept to the side as he bent down to tickle Jaehin's tummy.

Jaehin giggled as she tried to swat the teacher's hand away. Finally the teacher stood up, smiling widely at the two's dressup, "Hello! I'm Kim Minseok, Jaehin's teacher and I'm guessing you are her....parents?"

Yixing opened his mouth to say something but Junmyeon cut him off, "Yes, we are her parents."

Minseok and Junmyeon continued the conversation but Yixing couldn't tear his gaze off of Junmyeon.

His stomach fluttered, thinking about Junmyeon's words.


Yixing was their family, and they were his. And he swore, never to let them go.

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