Entry 5

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Dear diary,
OHSJSJS I'm soooo embarrassed!! Apparently I went into my sleep deprived state last night and Junmyeon took me to his house. Apparently everytime he asked me for my address, I would reply next to Narnia, and little past Camp halfblood.

Maybe I should cut down on my reading. Anyway, it was totally embarrassing because I asked him to stay...I know! I promise to cut down on my drama watching.

Until next time

-Yixing (aka idiot)

Earlier that day:

Yixing sighed and opened his eyes. That was probably the best sleep he's gotten in two months. Being a doctor isn't easy on the sleep schedule. He rolled over and froze when he saw a head of messy brown hair. Yixing looked around frantically, only to realize that he wasn't home....and he didn't remember a thing from last night.

He couldn't have gotten drunk!? He didn't even remember going to a club.

Yixing froze again when the figure next to him groaned. Yixing held his breath as the figure turned over. His eyes widened as he took in the peaceful sleeping face of Kim Junmyeon.

His skin was pale in the morning sunlight and his soft light brown hair was sticking up in different directions. (Which Yixing thought was completely adorable)

Yixing resisted the urge to reach out with his fingers and stoke Junmyeon's cheek.

"Angel." Yixing whispered as Junmyun smiled slightly in his sleep.

It was only minutes afterwards that Junmyeon woke up. Yixing was just lying on his side, watching Junmyeon sleep.

He snapped his eyes shut when he saw Junmyeon's flicker open.

"I know you're awake." Junmyeon whispered in his raspy morning voice.

"Dammit." Yixing whispered not wanting to ruin the tranquil mood. He peeked one eye open to see Junmyeon smiling at him.

"Did I do anything stupid last night?"

"Define stupid."

"Oh god."

Junmyeon giggled as Yixing tried to hide his face under the sheets.

"Stop this harassment." Yixing mumbled, trying to hide a blush formed by hearing Junmyeon's beautiful giggling.

"You're so cute." Junmyeon stated matter of factly. Yixing rolled his eyes.
"I'm not cute, I'm a grown man who enjoys a little pororo from time to time."

"See adorable."

"I'm not going to live this down am I?"

"Nope, sorry angel."

Yixing groaned.

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