Entry 9

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Dear Diary,

I must admit, I didn't expect this to happen. Junmyeon seemed so out of reach from me. He's successful, he has a beautiful daughter, and he's so prefect. And I'm just....me.

But maybe that's why he likes me. He says it because I'm me. And that he wouldn't have it any other way. And that makes me happy.
Chanyeol had been slowly getting better and Baekhyun seemed to be very happy about that.
It's satisfying, seeing smiles become more ubiquitous around me. It warms my heart. I only wish that it will be like this forever.


Yixing woke up to an empty bed. Well, Jaehin was snuggled against his side, her small hands clenching tightly to his shirt. Junmyeon was gone, his side of the bed was cold. Yixing frowned as he slowly sat up, being careful not to disturb Jaehin.

It's been two weeks since Junmyeon and he kissed, a week since they've officially been together. Yixing could not be happier.

Although his job as a doctor restricted him from spending a lot of time with his new boyfriend, Junmyeon always made sure to drop by, bringing food or drinks. He was a god send.

Yixing padded into the kitchen, his heart warming when he saw Junmyeon shirtless in the kitchen.

The latter was cooking something, humming quietly as he plated some eggs.
Yixing stood still, waiting for Junmyeon to notice him.

Finally, the humming male looked up, his face twisting into a bright smile as he walked towards Yixing, wrapping his arms around the shorter male.

"Good morning." He hummed, pressing a light kiss on Yixing's lips before going back to making breakfast.

Yixing sat on the dining table, still watching Junmyeon, "The hospital gave me a month vacation."

Junmyeon's head snapped up, "What?!" The brown haired male was smiling, more then he was before. Yixing having a vacation means more dates, more outings with Jaehin.

Yixing nodded, "Yea, they said my work with Jaehin, Chanyeol and Jongin was incredible. They're willing to give me a month break."

Junmyeon brought two plates over to the dining table, setting them down before pulling Yixing into a long kiss, "That's fantastic!"

Yixing opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by a loud shout.


Yixing laughed as Jaehin barreled into the kitchen, running directly to her dad. Junmyeon watched with a smile as Jaehin attached herself to his leg, wrapping both her arms and legs around his thin calf.

Yixing chuckled as he slid off the dining table, making his way over to the father-daughter duo. He bent over and picked Jaehin up in one swoop and twirled her around. She giggled loudly as Yixing pressed a loud audible kiss on her cheek, "Good morning baby girl!" He cooed.

Jaehin giggled as she kissed Yixing back, right on his dimple, "Good morning Xingie!"

Junmyeon frowned as he wrapped his arms around Yixing and Jaehin, "Where's my good morning kiss princess?"

Jaehin giggled as she pressed a light kiss on Junmyeon's cheek, before urging Yixing to do the same. He laughed at Junmyeon's surprised expression when Yixing and Jaehin kissed each cheek at the same time.

"Where do you want to go today?" Yixing asked Jaehin as he set her down in her chair. Junmyeon brought over her breakfast, before pouring milk into a light pink sippy cup.

Jaehin grabbed the cup and started drinking the milk happily as she pondered about the question, "I want to go to the park with daddies!"

Yixing's eyes widened at the word 'daddies'. He turned to Junmyeon who had a wide smile on his face.

Jaehin frowned, "Is it okay if I call you daddy, Xingie?"

"I think mommy would suit him better."

"Shut up!"

"Mommy Xingie Mommy Xingie!"

Yixing groaned as he pushed Junmyeon, Look what you did!"

Junmyeon chuckled as he stole a kiss from Yixing, ducking with the latter swatted at him, "I don't regret it one bit."

Yixing quickly packed the basket and filled up the water bottles.


Yixing sighed as he shot out the door, placing the picnic basket in the trunk of the car before getting in the front seat, "So you're just going to call me mommy?" He asked, turning to Jaehin who was squirming in her car seat.

She froze before nodding, "Yup. Deal with it mommy."

Yixing let out a loud laugh as Junmyeon frowned, "When did you get so sassy?"

Yixing turned to him with a blinding smile, "Baekhyun was her main nurse."

"Oh that explains it."

That set Yixing off on another round of laughter, this time Jaehin couldn't hold back her giggles either Junmyeon started to drive, his heart content with the harmonious mixture of Yixing and Jaehin's laughter.

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