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"Max! Are you ready yet?!?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming don't get your panties in a twist!" I shouted back to Ethan jogging down the stairs. Even though I wasn't in the same room as Ethan I knew he had just rolled his eyes. 

 "Don't roll you're eyes at me mister!" Ethan just sighed. 

"Are you ready now?"

"Yes,fine, let's go." To tell you the truth I had been stalling. I really didn't want to sit around and listen to all the other wolves talk about getting thier mates. I sighed. This was going to be a long meeting. 

The meeting was being held in a field, bordering the forest, owned by the beta of the Pack. Pretty much there was a podium at the edge nearest the forest. The Alpha would stand at the podium and talk and talk and talk. the rest of us would sit on the ground. We never had to worry about microphones. I mean really guys, were werewolves. Super hearing. Duh.

Once we reached the field we sat down by Maya and her friends. Maya's friends had picked her up from our house because they "wanted to go like together, duh!" I don't ask. It's better that way. 

"Quiet down everyone!" Our Alpha, Richard, shouted. The field was immidiately quiet.

"Okay so tonight we will be holding the mating "party". The party can only be held on the 13th of October. This is important because it's the date of the very first time our original Alphas mated." TONIGHT?!?!! Damn it. 

"You'll be able to distinct your mates smell right away. Now you don't need to be afraid of the mating heat. Right when you and your mate meet you're going to want to mate. Which is fine. The one thing you need to remember is that you need to go somewhere secluded or private to do the mating. Now, There are three steps to the mating. First you mate and the dominant wolf bites first, and I'm saying dominant instead of male because there have been some cases where the female has been the more dominant. The you mate again and the less dominant will bite. Lastly you will mate as wolves. The wolves may mate multiple times, it depends on the stamina of the dominant one. In the morning tomarrow(A/N total fail?) we will meet at my home so all you mated couples can log in your mating in the Pack "Scrapbook"."

The Pack scrapbook is basically this old book with all the important events and all the the Packs matings over the years. It's kinda like the Pack's diary.

"Now, I want you all to go home and get ready for the party tonight. The party will start at 5:30. There will be food there and everything. You won't be aware of your mate until around 8:00. That's roughly around the time the orginals mated. So I know everyone is excited to go get ready to meet their mates but first do we have any questions." 

"I DO!" Some random guy shouted. Richard inclined his head as if to say "go on."

"What happens if we find our mate and they won't accept us?" Richard blew out a sigh. 

"That has only happened once. The female's wolf had gone rabid and she had not been able to shift back from wolf. When the male scented her he went in the forest, in his human form, in search of her and her wolf slaughtered him."

Dang. Well he did have it comming, I mean following a wolf into the forest as a human? Not smart at all. Especially since we usually only go and change into the forest is to sate our wolf and hunt.

"Any other questions?.... No?..... Okay everyone can go. Be sure to be here at 5:30!"

"Can we go?" I asked turning to Ethan to see him deep in conversation with some girl. I sighed and started walking to the car to wait for him.

"Max!" I turned around to see Richard heading my way. Oh goodness what did he want?

"Hey kid." He said when he reached me. "

"Hey Richard."

"How're mom and dad doing? I haven't stopped to talk to them in a while." I sighed. Yup, that's right, the Alpha of our pack happens to my big brother. 

"Well dad has been enjoying his free time since you too the Pack from him by taking mom on trips all over the world."

"How's Maya doing?"

"Whiny as ever."


"Of course you did you bitch."

"Max!" Maya shouted running at me. 

"Dammit why does this always happen to me?" I asked the sky as i ran from Maya. Richard stood there for a minute before he started laughing hysterically. I faintly heard Maya say a quick hello to Richard as she passed him on her pursuit to me. I ran in circles until i finally spotted Ethan. I ran up to him and hid behind him. 

"Help me. Rabid bitch comming this way!" I panted. Ethan laughed at me and watched as Maya got closer to us. 

"MAX YOU JERK!" I wimpered and shrunk behind Ethan. 

"What did Max do this time?"

"HE CALLED ME A BITCH!" Ethan snorted.

"And you're suprised? He always calls you a bitch."

Maya thought about for a minute. "Well no... Well yeah I guess he does. Hmm. Whatever." She then turned and walked away. 

"WOOHOO. Good going sidekick." I said grinning at Ethan. He rolled his eyes at me. 

"You know you could try and be nice to Maya once in a while."

"Pfffft. What's the fun in that? Can we go now?"

"Yeah come on let's go. We need to go get ready for the party tonight anyway." Oh yeah. Ugh that stupid party. Somehow I just had a feeling this party was going to be the worst party ever. I sighed and followed Ethan to his car.


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