so here's chappie 10. Imma try and make it longggerrrr. :)

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"I dunno what to wear...!" I was currently standing in my closet naked, while Ethan fully dressed was lying on my bed watching me. Trying to conceal the buldge I could clearly see on his lap. HAHA.

"Why does it matter?"

"Because I like to look nice.... unlike some people I know."

"Hey I look perfectly fine!"

"Of course you do honey."

"Max.... Don't make me come over there and spank you again." Ooh. Kinky. Ethan raised his eyebrows.

"......I said that out loud didn't I?" Ethan nodded.

"Oh shwell..... Back to the closet..." I finally picked a pair of jeans and a spongebob shirt Ethan had gotten me for my birthday.

"Haha. You're wearing that shirt?" He asked sitting up.

"Yes! I love this shirt."

"I remember going into the store to get that shirt. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. It was great."

"You would find that funny."

"Come here." I walked over to him, and he pulled me up onto his lap. He kissed my fully on the lips. I moaned and leaned into him. Just then I heard Maya call,


"Yeah yeah, we're coming bitch!"

"MAX!!" Ethan and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. 

 "Yes, ye of bitchiness?"

"MAXIMUS TYLER HAMMOND GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT!" Uh oh. That sounded like my mom.... Crap. They're back too. Dammit. I looked at Ethan. He was laughing silently at me. I flipped him off and headed downstairs. 

"Hey mom." I said timidly. My mom was really scary when she was mad. 

"Hey dad." My dad smiled weakly at me. Oh great. Mom's in a bad mood.

"Max.... What did you call your sister?" My mom asked very presisly and slowly. 

"Umm.... A bitch."

"And why did you call her a bitch?"

"Because she is." I said underneath my breath.

"What was that?" My mom asked.

"I don't know..."

"Max you're grounded." REALLY?!!? SHE'S GROUNDING ME??!! SHE'S NOT EVER HERE ANYWAY!! My mom is always a bitch when she's home. Even when my dad was the alpha. She was rarely home to begin but when Richard, her prized son, moved out she was even less here. At first I was hurt but then I got used to it and liked it even. 

When she says grounded it really means I get to clean the house everyday after school and do all the cooking, which I do anyway. And I can't go out into the woods and shift. Bitch. She knows how much it hurts to not shift at least once a week. God, I hate my mother. I growled. 

Ethan grabbed my arm before I could do anything bad to my mom. Damn Ethan. I tried to get away to go at her but he just held on tighter. 

"Now, let's all go into the living room and meet Maya's mate." My mom said pretending not to notice that I was so close to murdering her. We all made our way into the living room to see Maya and somme dude lip locked. I gagged. 

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