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I turned around and saw my mate. 

"No it can't be..." 

"Max what's wrong?" My mate asked, but then froze and sniffed the air. Then stared at me. They had just smelled my scent and I couldn't help but get turned on when their eyes turned fully wolf. 

I stared into the eyes of my mate. I stared into the eyes of my best friend. I stared into the eyes of Ethan.(A/N sorry if that sentence doesnt make sense... It had to match!) 

Ethan's Sexy Ass POV

I checked my watch. It was just a little past eight o'clock. I was looking around the party when i saw Max practically running following a scent. I smiled. He had found his mate. Just as I looking around again Max stopped in front of me. I swear I heard him mumble "No it can't be..."

"Max what's wrong?" I asked then froze. I took in a deep breath and got the most alluring smell i had ever scented in my life. I looked down at Max. My mate. I grinned and hugged him. I felt him freeze and then relax into my arms. I stuck my nose onto his neck. He smelled so good. My wolf kept repeating one word in my head 'Mine, mine, mine...' I felt Max put his arms around me too and stick his nose at my neck taking a huge whiff. 

"Mmmmm..." He mumbled taking another whiff. I knew I should have been worried that I had found my mate and he was a guy but I was just too excited. I didn't really care that he was a guy personally. I had always known I had more feelings than brotherly love for Max.

I pulled him closer to me accidentially pushing our parts together, making both of us groan in need. I suddenly had this overwhelming need to posess Max. Max looked up at me and I could see the same need shining back at me in his eyes. 

I grabbed his hand and started pulling into the woods. Both of us shedding clothes as we reached the woods we both shifted and ran from the field deeper into the woods. I lead him to a spot I had found a long time ago when I had just turned into a wolf. I've never taken anyone here before. This'll be the first. 

Go to restricted version to read the rest of this scene (the mating between Max and Ethan) if you don't want to read it then just keep reading here.

 Max's POV

I woke up surrounded by warmth. I snuggled deeper into my pillows and was about to fall asleep again when someone started calling my name. 

"Just five more minutes mom...."

"Max this isn't your mom. Get up Max!"


"Fine but just remember that you told me to go away." The annoying person said in amusment. Just then I felt my warm bed move beneath me and i grabbed on and held on. Hold. The. Phone. I don't know about you but I have never had my bed move beneath me. I finally lifted my head and looked into Ethan's eyes.

"Good morning, mate." My eyes widened at the "mate" part. Then all the images from last night came flashing back making me blush. Ethan grinned and kissed me. I moaned and leaned into the kiss. Ethan grabbed my hips and fully laid me ontop of him. I ran my hands through his hair making him groan. His tongue licked my bottom lip asking for entrance. I immediatly let him in and his tongue dominated my mouth. He groaned and pulled away making me wimper. 

"Sorry, we have to go. All the mated pairs have to record their mating in the scrapbook." Damn. I forgot about that book. I wonder what the pack would say when they saw that we were mated. Yipee. My lucky day. I groaned, but not in pleasure. Ethan grinned at me. We both shifted and went to the edge of the forest gathering our clothes and putting them on. We made our way to his car, me walking as slow as I could. We got into the car and started off to Richard's house to record our mating. Someone kill me now.


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