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I think I'm going to die. I absolutly do NOT want to go to this stupid mating party! 

"Max get your ass down here!" Ethan shouted becaus I was once again stalling. 

"Damn I'm comming!" I said walking as slow as I could down the stairs. 

"If you don't hurry up I'm going to carry you out to my car and throw you in there."

"Oooh I'm so scareddd!" Ethan made a move to come towards me and I sqeaked and ran down the rest of the stairs. I locked the house and we got into Ethan's car driving off into the sunset. Ha i wish. Naw. We're going to this stupid party for these stupid luvy duvy mates. Gross. 

"Hey are you okay Max?"

"Hmm...? Oh yeah I'm fine." I said lying through my teeth. The worst part of this party was that I didn't want to see my Pack's "sympathy" that I didn't get a mate. I mentally put sympathy in air quotes because we all know everyone will just be happy that they weren't the ones that didn't get a mate. 

When we reached the party it was already fully in swing. Once we got out of the car we were swamped by people, mostly girls. I sighed. and moved out of the way trying to find a secluded area where I could just hide for the night. I mean once all the comming of age people found thier mates they would disapear to "do thier business." Yes, I admit it I find sex between a girl and a guy gross. That's probably why I'm gay. 

The field was set up with a humongus, and when I say humongous I mean humongous, tent covering almost all the field. There was a dance floor set in the middle of the tent and tables all around the dance floor and a buffet table full of yummilicious food on one side of the tent. The table was almost as long as the tent. 

I found a secluded table in the shadows and made myself comfortable. My secludednes was quickly interrupted by the annoying voice of my brother Richard. 

"Hey kid, how're liking the party so far?"

"Oh it's great. Loads of fun."

"Mmmhmm. Sooo are you excited to find your mate?"

"Mmmm... Suree... Speaking of mates, where's Michelle?" Michelle was our Alpha Female, Richard's mate. 

"She's at home right now. The baby was giving her troubles. So she decided she was going to lay down for a while but if she felt better she would come." His mate also happened to be pregnant. 

"Ahh..." Well this was awkward. Richard and I had never really been that close. I don't even think he knows I'm gay. He grew up knowing he was the family heir to be Alpha, and I grew up carefree and fun loving. He was always so serious and i was always so random and crazy. He sighed and made some lame excuse and left me alone. I checked my watch. It was 7:47. Oh dear. Wayy too close to eight o'clock. I pulled out my ipod out and started listening to "Help I'm Alive" by Metric. I got so bored that I started playing Angry Birds on my ipod to pass the time. 

I was just putting away my ipod-I got bored of Angry Birds- when I smelt this oddly alluring scent. I sniffed the air again. I drew the scent into my lungs, causing my wolf to stir. Once it was awake I took another breath of it into my lungs and my wolf growled within me 'Mine'. 

I started to follow the trail of the alluring scent. It had to be here somewhere. It felt like it took hours, but my reasonable side knew that it only took minutes. I had found the source of the scent.

I turned around and stared into the eyes of my mate.

"No it can't be possible..."



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