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Max's POV

I snuggled farther into Ethan. My wolf had finally calmed down and was sleeping. 

"I missed you so much! At first I thought you had actually left me!" I said sniffling. 

"Aw Maxxi you should know by now that I wouldn't leave you! I love you so damn much Maxxi!" He said hugging me tight. He then pushed my chin up and kissed me passionatly. I moaned and pushed him down getting ontop of him and stradling his waist. My wolf and I had missed him so much. Our mate. We needed him so bad.


I woke up to warmth. I smiled and snuggled farther into Ethan. Finally. Finally everything was in place. My world was right. I had my mate. 

"Good morning." Ethan mumbled, his voice husky. I couldn't help myself. I leaned up and kissed him. He kissed me back for a minute then he pulled back. 

"What was that for?"

"Nothing. Just kissing my mate." He smiled at that.

"So what are we going to do today?" I asked. 

"I was thinking...."

"Thinking..." I said motioning with my hand for him to continue.

"I don't know Maxxi. I think I want to take a shower first." 

"Ethan..." I said warningly. He grinned at me.

"I was thinking we should go to the amusement park." I brightened up. I loved the amusement park!


"Yes Maxxi. But first, shower and breakfast."

"But Ethan I wanna go noww!!!!!"

"You can wait Max. Come on the faster you move the faster we can leave for the amusement park.

After our shower we got dressed and headed downstairs. 

"Hey dad." I said when I saw my dad sitting at the kitchen table eating toast. 

"Hello son, Ethan." He said smiling at us. "Glad to see you're doing a lot better Ethan." Ethan smiled and nodded. 

I ran to the fridge and grabbed some eggs.

"Eggs sound good Ethan? oh good." I said not waiting for an answer. 

"What's he so excited for? My dad asked Ethan.

"I promised to take him to the amusement park today. He wants to leave now." My dad grinned.

Once I was done making the eggs and some toast I set the food in front of Ethan. I grabbed my own plate and sat across from my dad next to Ethan. 

I started forking the food in barely bothering to chew. I looked over at Ethan to see him slowly putting his food in and chewing as slowly as possible. I scowled at him.

"Ethan if you wish to actually eat your food I would go a little faster before I shove your food down your throat." I glared at him. He grinned cheekily at me but ate faster. 

Soon we were ready to go. 

"Have fun!" My dad called after us. 

"Oh we will." I promised. We drove my dad's car. The amusement park was only fifteen minutes away so we were there in no time. I was practically jumping up in my seat. 

"Calm down Max!" I sighed but painsakingly tried to contain my excitement. 

Ethan paid for our tickets and in we were!

"Come on let's go on this ride!" I grinned pulling him behind me. Fourty five minutes later and we had ridden every single ride there. 

"Let's go play some carnival games!"

"Okay. I'll win something for you Maxxi." I jumped up happily. .I loved stuffed animals. 

First we played the ring toss, where you throw some rings at a lot of bottles and try to get them around the bottles. I'm not very good at that game. Ethan apparently wasn't either. 

Next we played the ball game where you throw a ball at the bottles and try to knock them down. I also was not very good. Ethan was amazing though. he knocked all the bottles off and won me a humongous panda.

"A panda!! I love pandas! Thank you Ethan!" I said hugging him. After we got something to eat I was exhausted. 

"Ethan... Maxxi sleepy." I mumbled leaning against him. I felt his arms go around me.

"Then let's head back home."

"But I love it here."

"It's okay Max. We can come back another day."

"We can?"

"Yes we can."

"Okay let's go home then." I was so tired that Ethan was practically dragging me. I heard him sigh and suddenly I was off the ground. We walked for a bit and then I felt him place me into the car. 

When we reached home I was almost asleep. I heard him get out and slam the door. I was way too tired to get up. After a little bit I was worried he left me in the car but then I heard the car door open and someone lifted me up into thier arms. I snuggled into them, cherishing their warmth.

"He's pooped isn't he?" I heard my dad ask.

"Practically dead. I had to carry him to the car." I felt someone kiss the top of my head. 

I heard a door open and close and open one eye to see that we were in my bedroom. Oh good. Ethan set me down on the bed and undressed me down to my boxers. I heard clothes rustling and then he pulled both of us under the covers.

"I love you Maxxi." I heard him whisper.



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