Where's My Mate?  [BOYxBOY]

Where's My Mate? [BOYxBOY]

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Mary By TiggerLover1234 Completed

This is Max. He's a gay werewolf convinced he has no chance for a mate. He also happens to be in love with his best friend Ethan. What's a boy to do?  What else is he supposed to do when Ethan's old lover appears and Ethan just seems to disappear? Ack!

PenguincookieX PenguincookieX Sep 23, 2017
I'm scared of bugs if I see one I will rh n from it but if it's a spider I will sit in a corner screaming "IT'S GONNA KILL ME!!"
JackieAppling JackieAppling Dec 18, 2017
Maybe you should start paying attention. It might help you one day.
BlueWerewolfPrincess BlueWerewolfPrincess Dec 16, 2017
@TiggerLover1234 I love how lots of goofiness shines through your words
I don’t want him with Ethan tbh idk why but I’m glad there’s a story where the white wolf isn’t the submissive one
illFATEDone illFATEDone Aug 04, 2017
My little brother have seen all barbie movies and he loves the dream house series and he is NOT gay.... so loving girl stuff doesn't make one gay
bookwormgena1987 bookwormgena1987 Aug 08, 2016
I like this story is narbles!! (In my own little world it means awesome!!) and no i aint craycray