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"Come on Max, get out of the car."

"No." I pouted. 

"Max..." Ethan said in warning. I huffed and painsakingly got out of the car. I glared at Ethan. He just smiled. We walked together up the stairs and into Richard's house not even bothering to knock. Almost everyone from the pack was there. I groaned. Great everyone from the pack would find out. Today. This day sucks. 

Ethan squeezed my hand. 

"Max!" Richard called coming towards us. 


"Hey! How did finding your mate go? 

"Just fine and dandy." Ethan laughed. 

"Well...? Who's your mate? Where is she? Can I meet her?" I smirked at Ethan.

"Nope she's shy." Ethan glared at me. I knew he didn't like being called a girl. I laughed at him. 

"What's so funny?" Richard asked. I just shook my head. 

"I'm going to go record my mating now. Let's go Ethan." Ethan nodded and followed me. We walked up to the book and looked at it. Damn I hated that thing right now. I glared at it. Maybe it would catch fire and burn i glared at it long enough.

'Not likely' I heard a voice in my head. Jerk. I mentally frowned at the voice. I looked back at the book. I sighed and started filling it out. 

It was set up so you put your name and your mate's name down, then the time you mated and finished mating. 

"Ethan what time did we....mate and stop....mating?"

"Ummm I think around 8:12 and 9:19." I recorded our mating time as 8:12ish and 9:19ish. They could just get over themselves. I was way too busy to stop and think 'before we mate let's record the time'. I was scanning the page when my eyes caught something weird, something that made my heart stutter. RIght there on the page it said, 

Name: Melissa Wordsworth Mate: Ethan Shane Mating Time: 9:30 to 10:45 (one year ago)

WHAT?!?!?! My eyes filled up with tears. No, no, no. This couldn't be happening. Not to me. Not when I finally thought I did have a chance at a mate. I knew it was too good to be true. The one thing I didn't get was why would Ethan mate with me if he already had a mate of his own? One that he could actually have a family with?  And who the hell was Melissa Wordsworth?

Just then I heard Ethan gasp and mutter "Mel?" I turned to see Ethan embracing this beautiful girl. She was blonde with blue eyes. She really was pretty and coming from me that's a compliment seeming as I'm gay. Everyone from the pack had stopped talking to take in the scene before them. I knew what they were probably seeing. 

Ethan hugging a stranger and me standing there looking shellshocked. All of a sudden she started kissing him. My wolf growled. I couldn't help but notice that he didn't stop her. It looked like he was even enjoying it. That caused my heart to break into a million little pieces. 

Why shouldn't he enjoy it, I thought bitterly. He wasn't even gay! Of course he would want the girl, Melissa. Slut. 

I felt numb. So numb. I could hear this voice in my head repeating over and over "Not yours, not yours, not yours, not yours...." I cringed. I turned back to the book and saw the records i had written. I crossed them out. I then slowly walked out of Richard's house and down the street and into the woods. I walked and walked for hours until i reached the cliff that fell down into the rushing river below. I sat at the edge of the cliff thinking. 

"Not yours, not yours, not yours, not yours......"


awww! poor maxxy! 

how do you think Ethan should react to this?

What do you think Max is going to do?

who do you think Melissa is?

why is she claiming to be Ethan's mate?

sorry this was so short! it just seemed like a good place to end. I put Poppy Montgomery as Melissa... what do you think?

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