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humph. poopy faces. 


I marched into Richard's house. Pulling Ethan right behind me. Everyone, and when I say everyone I mean everyone, was staring at us.

"What?" I growled. A few of them looked away quickly. I 'humph'ed. 

"Max. Stop it." I 'humph'ed again and went back to the scrapbook to fix our mating record. I crossed out the "mating" between Melissa and Ethan and rerecorded our mating down. I was crossing out the records that Melissa put down so hard I didn't notice I was about to go right through the paper until I felt a hand on mine. I looked up at Ethan. He slowly took the pen from me, and pulled me into a hug. I sighed and leaned into him. He led me away from the book and towards Richard. I frowned. I didn't want to talk to him. 

"Hey kiddo." I just glared at him. Ethan elbowed me. I turned my glare onto him instead. 

"Sorry Max here seems to be pouting."

"I am NOT pouting. Jerk." Ethan smirked. 

"So.... How did the mating gooooo?"

"You told him!?!?!" I accused Ethan. 

"Well Max he was going to find out sooner or later."

"Not if I had anything to do with it." I mumbled under my breath. Richard raised his eyebrow. 

"Man, Ethan what did you do to him? You must have really ruffled his feathers."

"I do NOT have feathers, thank you." I huffed indignantly.

"Whatever you say." I growled at him. 

"Max and I will be right back, okay?" Ethan said to Richard. Richard nodded and turned to talk to another pack member.  Ethan led me away to a spare bedroom. 

"Max, what's wrong?" Ethan asked concerned. 

".....Nothing Ethan. I'm fine." But I wasn't. I was excited when Ethan told me that he loved me. So happy I could have just... I don't know....BLOWN UP or something. Whatever. You get my drift. But then he had to go and ruin it with the whole mate thing. I mean seriously. Can't he just love me for me and not because I some stupid mate. Ugh. This is why I hate the whole "mate" thing. People just go "OMG your my mate. I LOVE YOU!" Yeah like that's true. You just love them because they make your wolf happy. I sighed. Ethan led me to the bed and sat me down on his lap. I snuggled deeper into him. 

What? Just because I'm mad at him doesn't mean I'm going to waste all that wonderful heat! Man! 



"Why are you so sad?"

"I'm not sad!"

"Max! Tell me what's wrong! I can't fix it until you tell me what's wrong!"

"Why?! Your my mate. You should know what's bothering me!" Ethan widen his eyes. He suddenly closed them and seemed to be concentrating really hard. Hehe.  He looked funny with his face all scrunched up like that. Ethan frowned. Why is he frowning?!?! I don't like it when he frowns!! As if he was reading my mind he smiled...... Wait a minute. 

"Get the HELL outta my head!!"

"Why? You told me I should figure it out on my own!"

"Not like that! That's cheating!" Ethan chuckled. 

"How is that cheating. I'm using all my resources I have."

"Well don't use that one. I don't like you in my head."

"Why not?" Ethan asked sad. 

"Because you shouldn't have to go to my mind to figure things out."

"HA! See that means you should tell me why you're so sad!"


"No I didn't I won this was fair and square. You HAVE to tell me now." Ethan said grinning. 

"I don't gotta tell you jack shit."

"Nuh uh. You tell me this instant or else."

"Or else what? You'll spank me?"

"Yes." He growled. Okay I could definately feel something growing hard beneath me. He suddenly flipped me over so my but was facing him on his lap.

"You going to tell me?"

"Hmm.... Nope. Now let me up!" Ethan slapped my butt. Oh hell no. He did not just do that. This is war. I growled, causing him to spank me again. I had to admit though. It was kind of arousing. He didn't spank me hard enough to hurt, just hard enough to sting a little. 


"Nopeeee." SLAP.


"Nada." SLAP.


"My lips are sealed." SLAP.


"Not likely." SLAP.

"Are you as aroused as I am right now?"

"More." Ethan in one fluid motion flipped me over and onto my back onto the bed climbing on top of me. I moaned. Ethan took control of my lips dominating my mouth not even letting me fight. I arched against him. Too soon Ethan was pulling away. 

"Not here. The whole pack is here right now and these walls are not that sound proof." Damn I forgot about them. I sighed. Ethan rolled off me and onto the bed, next to me. I scooted over and laid my head on his chest while he put his arm around me. I snuggled into him. I must have fallen asleep because before I knew it I was being shaken.

"What...?" I mumbled snuggling farther into my pillow. My bed shifted beneath me. What is with my bed and always moving?!?!

"Stop moving!" I said slapping my bed. 

"Ouch." Oops. I forgot Ethan was beneath me.

"Sorry..." I snuggled deeper into Ethan. Suddenly I was being swept up into the air and into Ethan's arms. I just snuggled deeper into him wrapping my arms around his neck. I heard a door open and whispers and then another door opened and closed. Cold air was swishing around me. I shivered and snuggled deeper into Ethan. Yet again I heard a door open and I was being put down. I protested and held on tighter. 

"Come on Max. Let go. I gotta drive us home. I'll hold you when we're home okay?" I sighed and let go. I leaned into the seat and sighed not happy at all. I heard Ethan get in, buckle both him and I in and start the car. I must have fallen alseep again because when woke up again I was being lifted into Ethan's arms again. 

"Where are we?" I mumbled. 

"Your house. Your parents are out of town still, and I didn't think you wanted to talk to my parents yet so we came here."


"I don't know. Probably with her mate. I don't hear her." 

"Whatever. Bed!" I grumbled. Ethan laughed and took me upstairs to my bedroom. He put me down and stipped me down to my boxers, lightly laying me down on the bed. I heard clothes shifting and then he was there laying down next to me. I sighed in content and and snuggled into Ethan throwing an arm and a leg over him. He pulled the covers over us both and we fell alseep content to be in eachother's arms. 


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