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Max's POV


'Yes Ethan?' I asked turning to Ethan

'I love you...' I grinned.

'I love you too Ethan!'

'Oh Max you're so naive, you actually believed me?'


'Why would I love YOU Max?'


'Oh Max you're hopeless aren't you?'

'W-what do you mean?'

'You really think someone like me could love someone like you? Seriously Max, what planet do you live on?'

'Why couldn't  someone like you love someone like me?'

'Max you're a loser! You barely have any friends and face it you're gay!'

'H-how did you know I was gay?'

'Seriously Max! It's so obvious!' My eyes filled up with tears.

'W-what's so wrong with preferring the same sex instead of the opposite?'

'It's not right Max! That's why!'

'What! I'm your best friend!'

'No you're not. I just took pity on you. You're in our pack and you had no friends the Alpha asked me if I would be friends with you. I can't disobey the Alpha!'

'So y-you don't even like me?'

'No Max I don't even like you.'

And that's when my world started to fall apart right before my eyes....


I woke up with a gasp. I relaxed and laid back down. It was just a dream. Suddenly I noticed that the bed beneath me was moving up and down. I widened my eyes to see that I was indeed lying ontop of Ethan. I looked up at his face and sighed with relief when I noticed he was still asleep. I decided to stay on him for a little while. He was just so warm and in this position I could pretend that he was enjoying this position as much as i was. 

Ethan's POV

I felt Max move above me. He gasped and sat up breathing hard. He seemed to look around and come to his bearings. He relaxed and laid back down on me. It actually felt pretty nice. He then seemed to notice that he was lying ontop of me. I felt him lift his head and i quickly closed my eyes and kept my breathing even. He sighed with relief and I felt him lie his head back down on my chest. 

He was lying ontop of me with one arm and leg thrown over me. It was very comfortable and really warm. I could stay here all day. Suddenly Max started squirming trying to get comfortable. I groaned. He was rubbing our bodies together. He suddenly stopped wiggling and looked up. I kept my eyes closed. He let out a "phew" noise and went back to wiggling to get comfy. 

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