Chapter 6

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I was puzzled. Either I was hallucinating, or Jake was lying to me, or the phone really was missing. But who could have taken it? Jake must have found me just after I passed out and the phone was there before. I saw it. Unless there was someone in the room with me when I entered, and that person had rung me, and then must have grabbed the phone as I passed out. I went cold, thinking of the possibility that someone was in that room with me; though it would explain why the phone disappeared and why I received a call that came out of thin air.

I was lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling and trying to think of a reasonable explanation. Jake had carried me to the drive way, but I insisted on walking to the house so that my parents wouldn't be worried. I had told Jake to go and thanked him for saving me.

As I walked into the house I heard mum on the phone. As much as I could gather she was talking to her sister. She quickly said goodbye when she saw me walking in.  

"Honey, what happened to your forehead?" my mum said with concern. I hadn't felt anything there but as I touched it I yelled out in pain.

I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. There was a huge red, swollen bump on my forehead. It looked extremely painful. Mum grabbed a few things from the first aid kit and made up a concoction which she applied onto the sore. It hurt even more now. I told mum that I had walked into a pillar. I wasn't sure why I was lying to her, but I knew she would never believe my story as I have always made up the strangest stories when I was younger.

So here I was, lying on my bed, trying to think of an explanation.  

I thought about ringing Pete one more time before assuming the worst. I grabbed my jeans pocket just to find it empty. I tried the other pocket. Empty. Back pockets. Empty. I tried to think back to the last time I had my phone. It came back to me; it was when i received a call from the next room in Pete's house. My heart was banging in my chest again as I recalled the memory. 

Did I drop it? I tried to think of any possible times in the house that it could have fallen out of my pocket. It might have fallen out when I fainted, but wouldn't Jake have seen it then when he was looking for a phone to ring someone from for help? Maybe I was lying on top of it so he couldn't see it.

It was driving me mad. Nothing added up. Nothing made sense.

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