Chapter 8

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The doors of the shed flung open and darkness surrounded us as we took a step in. Megan and Hayley were standing behind me, but I was scared to death. I searched the walls next to the door for some form of a light switch, but I couldn't find anything. Grabbing my torch, I asked Hayley to ring my number again.

A few seconds passed and in the darkest corner of the shed we saw my phone lighting up. The ringtone was the only thing that broke the silence of the midnight darkness. I flicked the switch on my torch and a faint light beam lighted up the floor in front of me.

I moved the light to where my phone was, looking for any obstacles I could trip over in the walk towards it. My knees were shaking and I could barely move, but I made my way across the floor and slowly picked the phone up. I heard a soft noise behind me and I jumped. Shining the light on where I heard the noise I saw nothing but cardboard boxes and furniture.

"Did you hear that?" I asked Megan and Hayley but the just shrugged. The humid temperature in the shed made me feel faint, but I promised myself I was not going to faint again. Maybe I was just hearing things.

I checked my phone to see that I had two missed calls and a text message. I knew that the calls would have been from Megan but I did not expect a text message. I never got text messages. Hoping it was from Pete I slowly opened the message to reveal the words written in capital letters:


I froze. Hayley and Megan came up behind me and read it. The room was beginning to get too hot. Maybe of all the stress I was beginning to dehydrate, I haven't had anything to eat or drink for a few days.

"It's getting hot in here." I heard Megan say while fanning her face with her hands. Hayley nodded her head in agreement.

It wasn't just me. I started towards the door to get some fresh air, but in one swoosh the doors were shut simultaneously. My brain immediately chose to go for the logical explanation, "The wind," I said, "the wind must have shut the doors," convincing myself more than anyone else.

Pushing with all the strength I could manage, the door did not move. Megan and Hayley helped me push, but there was no effect. We heard the padlock locking on the outside, someone had locked us in, and the room was just getting hotter and hotter. Our breathing became louder, filling the quiet air.

"We need to get out of here before we get heat stroke!" Hayley said breathing hard, Using our torches and phone lights we looked for a window or something where we could get out, but there was nothing. The only window we could find was behind a big wooden book rack, which would be too hard for three girls to move.

"We need to try at least!" I said to Hayley and Megan, eyeing the window behind the rack. We hurried over to the rack and started pushing and pulling, anything that might have helped.

"Okay, lift in one, two, three!" Hayley said. We lifted, but nothing happened.

Hayley was starting to look very pale, even though her usual skin colour is very light. Her green eyes were beginning to look dry and red.

Nitrogen gas, I thought. That's why we didn't smell anything. The nitrogen gas was filling the space of the oxygen, giving us trouble breathing, making the room hotter.

"It's nitrogen gas! We will pass out soon when there is no oxygen left in the room. We need to think quick, and get out of here!" I announced to Megan and Hayley. Though Hayley was already beginning to lose consciousness.

We kept looking around, trying our best to find some way of escaping.

Five minutes passed and Hayley had passed out. I was beginning to feel dizzy.

I could feel my body becoming weaker and weaker. I could not give in, no, I had to fight. I had to get out of this mess, I need to save my best friends. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened to them because I dragged them into this.

Slowly, I could feel the darkness folding over me like a sheet. The last thing I heard was the shed doors opening, and a voice saying, "They're unconscious. Time to take them too."

And then finally, I was lying on the cold shed floor, with my two best friends, unconscious by nitrogen gas.

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