Chapter 4

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I took a deep breath, shut my eyes, and stepped into the door way. My heart was racing in my chest and I felt like I was going to faint. I slowly opened my eyes and saw nothing out of the ordinary. There were papers spread out all over the desk, as usual, and the chair neatly tucked in behind the wooden desk. The fake red roses in the vase on the table in the back corner were there, giving a nice colour to the room as it always had.

My thoughts were focused on the one thing that made me very uncomfortable. The phone was there, sitting on the desk, as it had always been. Confusion washed over me.

Every part of me wanted to scream and run away but I couldn't move. How could someone have just rung me from that phone which is about two metres away from me? There had to be a logical explanation, but my brain served me no good in coming up with one. I felt light headed. Everything was spinning around me.

I couldn't breathe. I needed air. I needed to know what is going on. I needed to know what happened to Pete. Though none of these needs were going to be fulfilled any time soon. I reached out for the phone but it was just out of reach. I made my legs shuffle forward and my fingertips touched the cold phone.

Suddenly the phone's screen lit up with the words 'Incoming Call' written across the screen.

My heart began to race even faster, sweat was welling up on my forehead, my knees couldn't keep my weight anymore. I stumbled forward, landing face down with a loud thud onto the cool tiles. Everything went blurry and finally darkness covered me.

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