Chapter 21

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"So where are you guys headed?" Pete asked casually as if it was any normal circumstances.

Jake frowned at him. "Shouldn't you be suffering from severe stress or something?" He said roughly.

"Jake be nice." I said softly. I then realised that they didn't know Pete as well as I did. If it was anyone else, then yes, they would have been showing signs of stress right now. Even though Pete can freak out because of the smallest thing, he can easily fool people into thinking he is fine when he's not.

"We're heading towards your lake house. Where have you been all this time?" I said replying to Pete's question.

Pete looked down toward his shoes as he walked. "I was lost in the bush. I woke up about a week ago in the middle of nowhere. I did not know what was going on. Slowly the memories came back to me, as I was trying to survive out here. I knew if I kept walking I would reach a part of the forest that looks familiar; from where I should be able to find the lake house. Anyway, as I walked during the day I get flash backs of what had happened and how I got here. For the first two days I could not remember a single thing, not even my mother's name. Not even my own. But slowly the memories came back, I must have suffered a hard blow to the head or something; though I did not have any pain."

I rolled my eyes at Pete. He can interrupt himself so much. "Pete. Focus!" I laughed. My smile quickly disappeared when I realised that this situation was nothing I should be laughing at. Though it did amaze me how someone like him could bring a smile to my face in such terrible circumstances.

Pete smiled. "Okay, sorry. I remember sitting in my room at home listening to one of my favourite songs by Nickelback. It was a warm summers evening---"

"Pete! We don't need ALL the details!" I reminded him again.

He smiled again. "Okay, okay. I'll be serious now. Well I really was in my room listening to "How you remind me" when I heard a sound that sounded like someone had dropped a coffee mug. I knew my mum was clumsy and she was forever dropping things, so I did not pay too much attention to it. After a few minutes I got hungry so I walked out of my room and into the kitchen to get some food. My parent's were nowhere to be found, so I figured they were outside on the veranda. I could not find anything to eat so I yelled out at mum to ask what we're having for dinner. When there was no reply I figured they might have gone for a walk or something."

He sighed. I knew this was hard for him to talk about.

"Long story short. I haven't seen them since and I don't know where they are. I went outside to see if the car was in the drive way, and that's the last thing I remember."

He sighed again. "Maybe if I didn't have my music on so loud none of this would have happened." He said jokingly but I could tell he really did feel pain inside, he blamed himself.

"Pete it's not your fault." Hayley said.

"I agree. This psycho, or psychos, probably don't even have a reason why we were the ones kidnapped. We were probably just at the wrong places at the wrong times. This happens to people all over the globe every day; we just never expect that it will happen to us." I said.

Pete put a smile on his face but I knew he was faking it.

I was going to say something but I suddenly realised that we had reached the lake house. Before us stood the huge white house that was falling apart.

We walked up to the front door and tried it, but it was locked. The sun had gone down and it was now completely dark. The moon was the only light that allowed us to see only about five metres in front of us.

It would take a lot of energy to kick the door down or find another way in. The windows were too high off the ground to break in through them.

Pete suggested that we camp in front of the house for the night and then try breaking in first thing in the morning. If I was right, Megan would be just behind those walls.

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