The Lake House Chapter 1

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Something wasn't right.

Pete always picks up after about two rings and it has gone to voice mail the last three times I've called. He said he was going to the lake house with his family for the long weekend. Maybe he's just out of range, i thought. I let my phone fall on my bed as I paced along the length of my room.

The phone rang. My hand shot out to it and I answered on the first ring. "Hello? Pete? Is that you?" "Uh no, it's Megan! What's going on with Pete?" The voice on the other end said.
"Oh, hey Megan. Sorry, Pete's not picking up and it's bugging me. Something's wrong." I knew what Megan would say even before I finished my sentence; that I'm being paranoid,
"Tess, you're over reacting! Didin't you say he went to his family's lake house? It's a two hour drive out of town, doubt there would be reception there." Megan replied.

She was right. Though something did not feel right. I decided to ignore it and finished my conversation with Megan, afterwards I hung up and fell on my bed. Scrolling through my phone's inbox I read the last text Pete had sent me the day before yesterday.

"Hey Tess. Sorry I can't make it to youur birthday party. Going to the lake for the weekend. Really sorry."

I couldn't believe he would rather go to the lake than my birthday party. We've been friends for fifteen years and he hasn't missed one of my birthday parties; ever. I read the text again, it seemed very unusual. Usually he has a lot of smiley faces and text language in it. It looked like he wrote it in a hurry.

I decided to get my mind off things. Maybe Megan was right, maybe I am just over reacting over nothing. He has no reception, that's why he's not picking up. I made myself believe that.

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