Chapter 31

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Even in the dullest of times we still managed to laugh.

Megan and I looked at each other and started laughing at Hayley's intelligence. "Someone's been watching Criminal Minds!" We teased her.

But we knew she was serious, and she's always right.

I stood up and motioned that we keep walking after we ate. "Boy, I could use some chips with that fish." Megan said.

"Well the forest isn't exactly my favorite fast-food restaurant either." Hayley said rolling her eyes at Megan.

Hayley is very well known for her rolling eyes. She always did that to me when I said something stupid or when she got bored with someone. Every time she did it it reminded me of back in middle school when Megan, hayley and I had a massive fight.

I still remembered every detail of that fight. I had walked into maths class late and the teacher had asked Megan where I was. Megan made a joke and said that I was probably in the bathroom doing my make up and trying to look good for the boys. When I walked in everyone started laughing at me and teased me about it. I got really upset and started crying. It hurt me to see that both Megan and Hayley joined in with the teasing. Ever since that episode I avoided the both of them. I would not talk to them and all my friends turned their backs on me. I got embarrassed every time I had to sit in class and listen to the rumors spread about me. I would see hayley rolling her eyes at me because I couldn't stand up for myself, and she didnt want to be friends with someone who was like that. This was the same time that Pete decided that he likes the attention he got from girls about working out.

For the whole of middle school I could not look anyone in the eye anymore. This was not just about the teasing of guys anymore. That was the starting point that set off a series of rumors about me. I hated school and I dreaded waking up every morning to go to that place where I was the punching bag. This was a very dark time in my life and ever since then I had never been able to trust people like I used to.

But one day I decided to stand up for myself. I had met a very influential man who took me in and taught me how to look out for myself. This sent me on a very big journey where I had to learn a lot of things about myself and about how to protect myself. He helped me get back at the people who hurt me. Even though deep inside of me I knew it was wrong, I just let myself go and let this guy help me.

"Tess are you alright?" Megan asked.

"You looked like you were about to kill someone with that facial expression!" Hayley added smiling.

I quickly snapped out of it and smiled. "Yeah, sorry. I've just been thinking about who could have done this. That's all." I said quickly.

"And? Any clues?" Hayley asked.

"Nope. Not a clue." I said. I could see Hayley didn't believe me but I knew she would let it go.

"Okay." She said.

We kept walking for a while and then I stopped. "Hey guys, maybe we should rest here for a while. I'm exhausted." I said yawning.

I knew they couldn't argue, they were both dying for a break.

"Why don't you guys lie down for a bit and try to sleep? Ill keep watch. Then we can swap shifts later on." I suggested.

"Sounds good." Megan said, happy to have a break.

I saw them both walking around looking for a comfortable spot to lie down. I sat down on a rock and started playing with the grass.

Not even five minutes later I looked up an they were both fast asleep.

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