Chapter 2

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I looked at myself in the mirror. There were bags under my eyes of sleepless nights and red veins visible. I've been having bad dreams about the most random things I could think of. They keep me from sleep and a few nights I've woken up to the sound of my own screams. I looked terrible. I threw my hair up into a bun and decided to watch TV. My mum was busy in the kitchen preparing lunch. She gave me a worried look as she saw the stress lines on my forehead.

"Tess, you need to calm down. I'm sure Pete's fine. You know last time he went to the lake he didn't answer your calls for about a week and this happened as well. I'm sure in few days' time he'll be back and you'll be laughing at this behaviour." My mum said reassuringly. I smiled at her, thankful for the way she can always reassure me. But this time it was different. Last time I was just upset because we had just had a fight, and I thought he was mad at me and that's why he didn't pick up. This time, however, there's something wrong. I know there is.

There was nothing good on TV so I decided to go to my room and put on the CD Pete and I that are simply crazy about. I skipped to the track Be My Escape by Relient K. We both love this song. I was just getting into it when my phone rang. I jumped but reached for the phone when I saw the caller ID. It was from Pete's land line. They must be home from the lake, I thought.

"Pete! I was so worried! How was your weekend at the lake? I was so paranoid that something had happened to you! I'm so relieved you called! Did you get my voice messages?" I quickly stopped talking as I realised I'm saying too much as I always do when I'm stressed out. There was no response on the other end. "Hello, Pete?" I said again.

The line went dead. That's odd, I thought to myself. I quickly punched in the number which I know off by heart by now after ringing it so much. It rang but no one picked up. Pete's house was just two blocks away. I decided to walk over there. Maybe there's something wrong with his home phone.

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