Chapter 27

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I woke up screaming. Somehow I had fallen asleep for a few hours which resulted in a terrible nightmare. My forehead was damp with sweat and I could feel my whole body covered in sweat. The cold night air was refreshing against my warm body and cooled me down almost instantly.

"You alright, love?" I heard Megan say. I looked towards her, I could make out her silhouette with the few sun rays that was starting to light up the world.

"Yeah. Bad dream. How you doing? Does it still hurt?" I asked, knowing the answer before I asked it.

"Yeah a little." I knew she lied. She would be in excruciating pain.

"We should probably start walking again soon." I said, really not looking forward to two more days of walking.

Hayley rolled onto her back from the awkward position she was lying in on her side. She looked even more exhausted than the day before.

"You know, I would happily exchange this dirt-bed for my soft and comfortable bed at home right now." She said sarcastically.

"So would we all." Megan smiled.

"What time is it?" I asked.

She squinted at her wristwatch and informed us that the time was five o' clock.

"Should we get up and keep going?" Megan asked, resenting the answer.

"I guess." I replied emotionless.

We got up and stretched and got ourselves ready for what laid ahead of us today and the day following. We walked down to the lake to wash our dirty faces and refresh ourselves before heading off.

After about ten minutes of walking in the direction we decided upon the previous day, I could see the two sore on Megan's leg were getting infected. Around the two little bites it was white and around the white was red and blue coloured skin. I knew that if Megan could see this she would be screaming of disgust. She hated getting injured. Every time she got a small cut or something she would get her mum to disinfect it and band aid it; she hated the sight of blood. She always admired doctors for having to put up with blood day in and day out, but she could not stand blood. She fainted at the mere sight of it.

Hayley on the other hand would make a great doctor. She could work with blood all day and not consider it twice. She always knew what to do when someone gets injured and she knew how to keep it disinfected. Though that is when she had the right equipment; out here, her hands were tied.

The two little sores were covered in dirt and needed to be washed properly. I told Megan and Hayley to stop walking for a second so Megan could wash the sore before it got infected even more.

The cold water on the sores was painful for Megan. As soon as the water touched it she yelled out in pain, and I was pretty sure that if anyone else was in this forest, no matter how far away, they would know they're not alone now.

"Did you sleep at all last night?' I asked her, but with the bags under her eyes and the red veins in her eyes, my question was rhetorical.

"No. Couldn't sleep knowing that it could be my last night alive." She said.

"You're not going to die." Hayley said trying to sound convincing.

Hayley used her shirt to wipe of the rest of the water on Megan's leg and we headed off again. Megan was half limping every time she had to walk with the leg with the snake bite. I could only imagine how painful that must have been for her.

By now the sun was well up in the sky, though I knew it would on;y be just past six.

"What do you think would happen if we don't make it out of here within three days?" Hayley asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

"I don't know. Maybe they'll torture us even more, or maybe they will kill us quickly." I said.

"So you definitely think they'll kill us? No second chances at escaping?" Megan asked quietly.

I realised my response had sounded a little too pessimistic, and that wasn't what we needed right now. "No, of course they would not kill us. If they wanted us dead they would have killed us by now. I don't think these kidnappers have it in them for direct violence or murder. Think about it, They gave us food, even though it was drugged, and so far they hadn't hurt anyone definitely and directly." I stopped as I thought about Pete and Jake again.

"What if they wanted us to die in that bomb as well? Maybe after three days they will come after us and maybe blow us up as well. If they killed Pete and Jake, I bet they would kill us too." Hayley said. I knew She had thought about Jake as well when I said that they hadn't hurt anyone directly yet.

"All we can really do right now is hope and trust that they got what they wanted and that their fight is not with us. Maybe they wanted Pete or Jake and we are just pawns in this." I tried to reassure them.

"Or maybe they are trying to get to us and Pete and Jake were the pawns." Megan said what we all were thinking.

"Megan, we can't think that way. All we need to focus on right now, is getting out of here. Otherwise we will find out who they were really after." I said.

"I wonder why they are giving us a chance to escape anyway. It's like they got sick of us or something. I don't get it. I'm pretty likable." Megan said grinning on the last words.

"Megan, did you ever see them when they kidnapped you?" I asked, realising that she might have some memory of that.

"No, all I remember is lying on that stupid shed floor and next thing I knew I was in an uncomfortable chair and tied up, apparently having a bomb over my head the entire time!" She said.

"Wait a second. If you never saw them, and you had tape over your mouth the entire time, how did they make that recording of you screaming "Help me"?" I asked confused.

Megan looked confused. "What recording?"



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