Bleed Out

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Slicing away at me with the words that are said hurt. A rope to stop breathing, a gun to take away my rage and sorrow, or a knife to help me feel better with the pain. Which one will I choose, I hate my life too much to care about which one will end it all. I hate being alive. Help me before I drown. Please stop the abuse, my skin is cut. Maybe too deep but who cares? No one will notice I'm gone, so why not.

Before I post this, anyone reading please do not choose suicide or pain to escape your sorrow. This isn't a joke and is a recommendation from someone so don't make fun of them either. Life only gets better and taking it away is just going to bring pain to the others around you. No matter what you think there may be someone that cares about you without you realizing. Never think about suicide, not even once.

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