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A cop uniform on my skin and I feel that I'm the one enforcing the law right now. No one can tell me otherwise, wait there's a sound coming from next door.  A sound of music loudly blasting through the whole apartment complex. Obviously it is a crime against the people, time to check it out.

"Hello there, my name is Hush and I'm here about the music playing in your room. You have to turn it off." She looks around behind me then to her computer.

"Whoops. Sorry but I think you need a warrant to check in my house." This women is hiding something and I know it. Holding her neck so she can't scream, I close the door behind me with my other hand. Slowly moving her back to her bedroom I take out my gun.

"You were breaking the law so now I have to bring justice." Putting the silencer on it I shoot her twice in the head then three on her heart. Satisfied I then go to her couch and turn the tv on to the news.

"Watch out for a killer going around, he claims he is a cop and uses justice as an example to enter the home's of the victims. Stay cautious and alert."

A killer huh? Wonder when they will catch him, hopefully not before I do. I want to bring justice to the world.

Ah yes justice is what the world needs right now.

- @Dark_Written

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