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A shadowy figure towers over me from behind. I could feel their breath down my neck as the shivers crawl up my back. Cold embrace that wouldn't let go no matter what. A voice that could make you claw into your ears, just to get away. Voices echo as I stare at the wall all alone.

You are nothing.

Go away trash.

Look at that, a friend pick it up.

Looking at the table I see a worn out knife that was still sharp. Picking it up I spin to stab whoever was behind me. The blade only went through air and touch nothing. Feeling the cold air drift toward me once again I sit back at that chair. Staring into the wall.

Locked yourself into your room.

You can't argue with me?

I am always right and your friend seems to be quite lonely.

I take a big swing back with once again no response. Walking to the other side of the room the chills get bigger again. There was a mirror and only me standing there. Standing with a bloody knife with a shadow on top of me.


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