The Puppeteer

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Created by people, used by people. No free will because of these thin chains. Nothing to live for except the pain. Immortal yet fragile. Forced to live this way until the ends of time. At the mercy of the ones that use us.

'Until Death Do Us Part'

Marrying that man was the worst decision in my whole life. The little puppets were just for show he said. The puppets were just his hobby he said. Blinded by the love I had for him. Used and wasted my whole life. Beauty only makes you a puppet in his game.

'Don't you want to be beautiful forever?'

Of course I wanted to say yes. The basement had dozens of those chained puppets. One slice had ended it all. One slice made a new life begin. Hallowed on the inside and stuffed. Can't feel pain after death wasn't true at all. The cuts, bruises, and damage to my body was still painful. The laughter coming from his mouth haunts me to the grave.

'This is all to make you beautiful forever honey. To make you perfect'

Attaching the strings into my body, I became his life-sized doll. I became bare as he changed my clothes. From the jean and shirt I wore was changed into a beautiful white dress. He came ever night to read us a little story about puppets. Mocking us for being so powerless. Beauty was only a tool. No one knows how it feels to be stuck under a mask.

After all, he was named The Puppeteer.

- @Dark_Written

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