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To wake up in the middle of the night to hear someone banging at your door was one thing but if it were the police we were talking about, well that's another.

"Hello officer how are you doing this late at night." Staring at him as calming as I possibly can. Enraged that I had to wake up to this piece of trash.

"Yes, sorry for waking you up this late but we found a dead body around this apartment and asking anyone if they saw anything." That's it? That's why you woke me up so damn late.

"A dead body? Come inside so I may help identify him or her." He nods and slowly walks into my expensive apartment. I was right behind him and this was the only chance I've got. Putting my hands into my pocket to take out a syringe. Walking closer to the officer I put a hand onto his mouth pull him down with me.

Saliva is something I can clean but blood was too thick. I needed to kill him somewhere else. Calmly I inject the syringe into his neck and he slowly calms down. Droplets of blood fall to my floor. This won't do, this won't do at all. Knocked out and still making a mess, I take a couple of napkins and use it as a bandage for his neck. Dragging his now clean body outside using a cheap rug hiding him inside.

The middle of the street at midnight with nobody around me for a couple of blocks. Taking his body as I tie up his hands and legs. One clean slice on his neck and everything is perfect. My gloves didn't get blood on them and neither did my clothes. Clean and quiet at last.

My schedule is going to be thrown back but I can always get a clean recovery.

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