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(This is an old poem that kids used to sing, during the middle ages. Its source is still unknown today.)
If you see a great tall man,
don't worry, he is a friend.
Don't ask him what is his name,
for he will be your friend.
If you have other good friends,
don't worry, they wont matter.
You are all that is greater,
not them he shall befriend.
You see him teeter on land,
he never drinks from daddy's juice.
You see him all to great joyce,
he is so really grand.
Don't ask about the hat,
that sits on his bald head.
He wont ever tell yath,
why it is as soft as lead.
You see him at the star shine.
You wont at the sky light.
Always you see at night,
but mostly at the moon shine.
You ask him what his name,
he doesn't say a yelp.
He ask you for a kind help.
After that, you will get same.
He ask you a small favor.
Kill your mom and so your dad,
but must give me favor.
Never tell about your lad.
If you peace your familly,
you will hear what you waited.
Through his mouth you will rally
words long asked and awaited.
He will now say this soon :
My name is really Grame
and I am fame.
You know, I am the Moon.
He will say he needs you,
for he is not so done.
You need to stop none,
he is not finished with you.


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