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I walked up to him. I looked down at my moms grave. "Why are you doing this?" I say above a whisper. He doesn't say anything but kneels down and puts flowers on my moms grave stone.

He kisses his fingers then touches the grave. "She was everything to me, I have never loved anyone like I lover her." He was talking threw clenched teeth.

"Why are you doing this? What have I ever done to you for you to try and kill me." I'm getting emotional, this feelings are getting the best of me.

"Before she died she told me everything she has been hiding from me, I hate that she did me wrong but I can't stop loving her" he stood up and faced me. "You see when we where young our family's knew each other, and we were close, I left for a while. When I came back she had another, and she loved that person. I couldn't let her go." He started to ball up his fist.

"And what dose that have to do with you trying to kill me? I am just doing as everyone else expects me to do, I've never once done anything for myself but I'm gunna change that starting with you" I'm still looking down at my moms grave.

"Your not my daughter" all he said before I looked at him in shock.

"What? I don't believe you, how would you know I'm not yours" I have been prosecuting everything from the minute James said it was my dad. I'm so deep in shock I'm lost in space with my thoughts.

"That's why I never forgave her, that's why she stayed by me. I told her I would kill you the minute she got pregnant, your dad was killed by your grandfather, he was a thief, but your mom loved him. When she had you she wanted to leave me. The day she died, I saw her in you, I told your grandfather I didn't want him around, or you would die....." He just kept rambling about studied shit. I was getting feed up.

"Ok what dose it have to do with me?" I glare

"Power!" He yelled. "You have everything in your name, money, land, a statues! I wanted that, after I lost everything. I used you to reach that, but it didn't work you left and I kept that life from you. I lost everything" he whispered the last part.

"If you want it you can have it all, I don't care, but that's not a reason for you to try and kill me, get rid of my real dad? Or any of this." I start to yell.

"Yes with you out of the picture it goes to me, everything." He started to laugh. He reached for his jacket. Pulled out a letter, looked old and wrinkled.

"Take it, it's so thing your gunna want to read." I looked at his extended hand and the his face I reached for it.

"I'm sorry but I don't deserve your forgiveness." I turn to look at him. His holding a gun in his hand, pointed at me. I tilt my head and crunch up my eyebrows together. He pulls the trigger I fall back hitting the ground yelling.

I look up at him. He points the gun to his head and pulls. "DAD, no". I holding my wound. I crawl towards his body. I'm crying yelling and nothing comes out of my mouth. I feel muted. I staring at the man I always called dad. Dead.

I lay next to him. I reach for the letter it's in my moms writing. I open it slowly hands dripping in blood.

Dear Grim,
Hey baby. It's me your mom, I love you. I can't explain everything in a letter, there's a safe no one can open but you. It's in Michelson Bank. It will explain everything about what's happened in my and your fathers life. I hope you find peace with the information that your read. Don't blame anyone but me, I did it to perfect us. I love you my baby girl. Hope to see you one day.

Love your mom.

I later there, holding down years and the pain of being shot. I looked over to my fathers dead body. I start to yell loud. "How could you guys do this to me, I'm so confused nothing that you've said makes sense." I look towards the sky.

I start to move slowly. But fuck it hurt like a bitch. I grab the letter and sit up. I'm holding on to the wound. I get up balancing on someone's grave. I grab the back pack and make my way to the car. I hear my phone buzzing.

I look and it's James. "Hello?" I try to hold the pain.

"Where are you?" He was stern.
"Handling somethings...shit" I yell as I reach the car.

"What's wrong where are?" He yells.

"I'm ok, I just needed fresh air, don't worry I'll be home soon" I hug up with out letting him finish. I grab the bag pull out duck tape and gauze. I pack my wound, gauze it and tape it to stop the bleeding.

I gps the bank and it's a very prestige bank, for the wealthy. Only problem I have is I need to fly to German. Great couldn't it be around the block. How am I gunna.... Wait I have a private plain. Fuck it in going to Germany for answers.


Thank you

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