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James POV

I kept staring at Valentino, waiting for him to say who it was,I started getting irritated.

"If only you would like to know! There is no other person but Santos!" He laughed coldly

"What the fuck, your lying and I hate liars" I yell out running a hand threw my hair.

I couldn't take it anymore. I had told one of my guys to get Valentino out and into a warehouse. Here they can get him to talk I was done. If I continued I would kill him and I did need that right now.

I grab my phone and text Jonathan I'm going to the hospital. I need to see if Grim is ok. I was angry, how could this happen while I was around I didn't under stand. As I left the building I kept rethinking what that fucker said, Santos that name I now it but from were? My mind was drawing blanks. I got in my car and drove off.


Grims POV

Where the fuck am I? I kept hearing beeping and yelling. This fuckers brought me to a hospital. I hate hospitals all they do is tell you what you don't have wrong with you!

After a while I hear nothing just silence, until I see my mom standing there smiling at me. "Holy shit, you are dead!" I gasp out.
"Honey, I'm in your head, I love you so much Grim, I will always be with you! Be safe and never change who you are!" She said as she faded away! I smiled at her words.

I started to open my eyes and the lights where off which helped. I looked around, the room was empty. There where flowers all around. It smelled good. I tried to sit up, key word tried! It hurt like a bitch. But what got me annoyed was the machine that started beeping faster and louder.

So i pulled it off, which made a flat line noise. I didn't give a dam I sat up a bit still a bit painful but I can manage. I hear yelling and shouting. My door burst open and nurses and a doctor run in. There screaming she's flatlining, get the crash cart.

Then I hear the oh so failure voices yell what's going on? Is she ok? Let us see her.

But as the doctors noticed me sitting there and smiling they calmed down a bit and checked if I was ok. As they walked out, I asked one of the doctors to help me with a prank, since this fuckers brought me to a hospital.

The doctor walked out with his head low and walked up to who I believe is Jonathan?

"I'm sorry son we tried everything we could, we were just to late" the doctor sounded so convincing, I almost bursts out laughing.

I hear a loud bang and yelling, "if you really did all you could she would be here" Spanky was crying.

"Dude chill, can we say good by at least?" Jonathan was now calm and quite.

I felt bad but not to bad! I was waiting for them to walk in and be surprised.

"Dude you came.....the doctors said she was ok....but now....yeah don't man.... Well let you first!" Who was Spanky talking to, I couldn't hear the other persons voice.

The mob giggled a little so I payed down and relaxed my self. I played dead, but in the back of my mind I wanted to tell surprise.

The door opens and a couple of foot steps walk up to my bed. Someone grabs my hand. It's a warm, and welcoming hand. James. It felt right.

"She still feels worm, how I thought she was dead?" He was calm.

"They said that she just passed, I miss her already!" Oh Spanky what a baby!

"She was a fighter, who's gunna tell her family?" Jonathan said in a low voice.

"What family? I just found out that Valentino was working for someone named Santos, that's her last name! So if it was her family, they will pay for what they did to her!" He was pushing back my hair. I sat up and graves his shirt.

With a shocked look on there face. "What the fuck do you mean, it was a Santos? Who told you his?" I yelled at James face as I shook him.

He was shocked to see me sitting up and for a brief moment they looked relieved. I looked around they with a smile. "So you guys miss me that much? But back to the issue!" I looked down at James who was staring at me in disbelief. He stood up and hugged me tightly!

"Jesus fucking Christ, you scared us! Don't you dare ever die!" He yelled this time shaking me. I nod.

I felt good mowing they loved me like family I did to them as well.

"So did he say what Santos?" I questioned grabbing a cup of water.

"No, he just said it was a Santos! That's all he said, I couldn't do more or else I would have killed him before he spilled anymore. I had him moved" James got up and made his way to the door before leaving he said "let's get you home we have much to do"

With that he walked out leaving Spanky and Jonathan.

I layer back and all I think about was who wants me dead, my life couldn't get and worse right?


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