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My thoughts were everywhere, from my grandfathers words to my dads, and that FUCKEN guy!

The tub became cold when I decided to get out. I walked out naked not caring for anything at the moment. I went to the closet and pulled out my cloths for the wedding. I was gunna where a ruby red dress, that's was off the shoulder, and a slit to my hip. I loved it!

I went back to the bathroom to do my face and make up. I did a Lana del Rey wave of my hair with red black ombré lips. I was looking breath taking in my opinion. But then it him me. If me and James are sharing a room? Where is he? Doesn't he have to get ready? There was knock on the door. I go and open it not caring that I'm practically naked but still covering the goods.

"Hey you getting ready? And put on some cloths" Danny said covering his eyes. I laugh "stop being such a homo" I smack him.

"Ok well everyone's gone, I made sure that everything is as you requested and I will be on you like white on rice" he said proudly

I turn to face him "you do no that the rice loses its white ness after you fry it right?" I laugh at him and he just rolls his eyes.

I go back to the bathroom and walk out grabbing the dress and putting it on. I hear a whistle and turn to see Michele at the door. I drop my shoes and run to him. "You fucker where have you been?" I smack his arm.

"Well with my kid and wife, I've heard a little about you missy, how have you been?" He hugged me tightly.

" I've been good just little frazzled, but good, and by the way where's the family? I need to meet!" He laughed

"Get ready they will be waiting for us at the party!" He walked out the room. I finish getting dressed and Danny waits outside my room. As I walk out he offers me his arm. "Why thank you good sir" I tease. "Your welcome mi lady" he bows his head which makes me laugh loudly.

We walk down the steps and there a few of the guys that are my body guards. We make our way to our cars and head off to the party.

As we pull up to this gran hall, there is loud music and people moving everywhere kids running and I can spot some of my guys. As some of my guards walk ahead of me the room goes quiet and all eyes are on us.

Danny walked us up to the bride and groom. I smile politely and congratulate them. Looking around I see Spanky, Jonathan, Michele and James on a table laughing and drinking. "Danny take me to the bar please" I give him puppy dog eyes. "Yeah let's get waisted we earned it" he smiled leading me to the bar.

We order our drinks and walk towards the guys table with there dates. Danny smacks Jonathan's arm. "Did you almost who's the hottie" he smiles at me. "It's me!" I smile and Spanky spits out his drink. "Wow you look beautiful, why couldn't you be my date" he glares at Danny, who is laughing. I roll my eyes and look around the crowd as I sit down. I pull Danny down to whisper in his ear. "Make sure everything is good I don't need to end this day with a problem". He nods and walks away. I turn back to the table and James is staring at me from the corner of my eye. "If you take a picture, it might last longer" I gulp down my drink.

He leans in and grabs my arm, "you have no idea what your doing to me" and with that he got up with the one and only Beria. Holly shit I didn't even notice her. She had a smirk plasters on her face.

I glare back and look at Jonathan, tap his shoulder. "What's up?". "What are you drinking?" I look over to his drink. "It's strong what a taste" he smirks. I roll my eyes reach to grab it but I'm stopped my none other than James, "I wouldn't if I where you! We now what happens when you have alcohol in you" he was clenching his jaw. "Well we all now what else I had in me, but it didn't bother either of us, until after!" I was getting mad. I gram Jonathan's drink and gulp it down with out thinking. I cough a little, it burned a hell of a lot. I stood up glared at James "don't ever stop me from anything that you have no control over, you are a fucking jerk". I walk around grabbing Spanky pulling him with me to the dance floor.

"Ok so that was intense, are you ok?" He was asking, concerned laced in his voice.

I nod, as we sway to the music. This point the alcohol has some affect on me. I can't shake the filing I'm being watched. I'm still dancing with Spanky, until someone asks for the next dance which I accept. "So how's it going doll face?". "Good, just fucken peachy" I haven't bothered to look at this stranger.

I pull away as he spins me then he dips me, I giggle a little. That's when I chose to look at this person, and I gasp as he hold me tighter. "Don't be afraid unless you want to cause panic?" He smirked and we kept dancing.

I look around frantic but not showing it. I look for the guys and I can't spot them. Fucken little shits where are they!!!

I turn back to the stranger and he looks down at me."All in due time baby doll" his grim has evil all over it.

I feel sharp pain on my hip. I look down and there's a knife plunged into it. "You son of a bitch!"

I reach for my leg.......


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I will update after spring break! I'm going on a vacation! So don't worry when I'm back you will get your chapters!

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