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A man with a very expensive looking suit come out from behind some men. I couldn't really see his face but then when he spoke. "Well hello love, I wouldn't expect to see you here... At a place like this." I felt those words come towards me.

He stayed were he was not moving just staring at me and the people around me. I was trying to release my self from the guys around me.

"You, I now you!" I questioned squinting my eyes to get a better view of him.

"I hope you do, remember me dear" he had a very heavy accent.

"Collateral, what's he talking about? How would you know him? His in the Russian mob!" James yelled out but I ignored him.

I kept my eyes on this figure until he came into view.

"Holly shit! I now exactly who you are" I covered my mouth To say I was shocked was an under statement.

The cane had gold tip at the bottom, with red black smoke wood going up towards a gold skull with ruby red eyes. I knew that cane anywhere and I've only seen it once.

I turned to James with a tears in my eyes for this man was my family from my mothers side. "Grim, who is this man to you" James glare at me but the men holding me didn't let me go towards the man in front of us like I wanted to.

As the tears fall the man walks out of the shadows and I can see his face he has a scar on his left eye and his eyes where light green. He looked like my mom.

"H-his my g-grandfather" I looked back at James.

"What the fuck you mean his your grandfather." James was getting mad. The grip on his gun was getting tighter.

"Well child, I see your father made stupid decisions. But I'm here to fix it and take you home to get a proper life." He turned to James with his ice glare.

"How much in debt is her father to give up his only successor? Name a price." He snapped his fingers and out of some cars came a couple of guys with suitcases.

"To much even for you." James stood there glaring and holding the gun pointed at my grandfather.

"Trust me I don't have a limit" my grandfather was stern and he was getting inpatient.

You can see James wanted to test him so he put the gun down and said "10million, if he can't make payments what makes you think you will, I now you don't have that here and now! If you did she's all yours." He smirked.

"Your an idiot, what if he had the money? You just gunna give me up?" I wanted to punch his face what a dick.

"Yeah your just collateral, don't forget it." He glared at me before turning to my grandfather "so you have it?".

"Yes, here it is." He snapped his fingers and more cases came "each case contains 500 grand" he said and then turned to me "Grim, child let's be on our way. You have much to do."

I was stuck frozen, I went from being with my dad to some complete stranger, and now my grandfather which I only hear of and seen once. I couldn't do much when a guns in your face and I didn't want anyone to get hurt. But what hurt most was that I thought he cared? Maybe I was wrong.

"I'm going, James if I meant anything you wouldn't let  me go so easily." I was staring at James. All I got after I said that was "this is all business, you need to learn that." He smirked and starts having men grab the cases.

I walked up to my grandfather and he just smiled and motioned me towards the car. I gladly went since James the fuck face didn't care why should I? I've been let down ever since my mom died.

As I sat in the car I asked my grandfather "so where am I going? And for how long? Can I contact my dad?" This questions started coming out of me like crazy.

"You'll be going with me, we will live in Russia, and no father, and as long as you finish your training to take over my business." His vice heavy and stern.

"And which business would that be? Your a gangster? What makes you think I want that business?"

He just kept smiling "your mother went threw this she didn't like the life style, I would have came to take you when you where young but she said she wanted nothing to do with her family, so I left her alone, but now you will do as I say and you will take over."

"What if I really don't want to? There's no way you can make me! Is that why mom left Russia? You were 'training' her to be a gangster?" My voice started to shake.

"She left after she finished her training but it's because she fell in love with your father, I'll always want my daughter happiness, so when she had you, I decided I would take you, and well I didn't but now I am". He just smiled towards me.

"Ok I'll do my best, my father sold me out, the guy I thought cared just showed me that business means more!" I gave him a sad smile in return.

We reached an airport with a private jet waiting for us. I was scared, nervous, sad, angry! But mostly hurt. I was gunna change that from here on out no more being nice and kind. I'll be the gangster no one ever saw coming.


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