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"Lucy, I'm going to make dinner!" Yelled my mother from downstairs.

"Okay Mom, I'm almost done unpacking!" I yelled back down to her from my new room.

My mom and I just moved to Sunnyhills, California from New York.

Our new house is a cute two story house, and our backyard is huge forest.

It's really nice and peaceful, but it's nothing like our home back in New York.

We had to move to California when my father passed away in the fall. One November night, dad was going for night run when he was attacked by an animal.

I've never been to fond of animals, especially dogs. I don't know why but I fear of them. So to hear my own father died because of an animal, kinda put me further on edge.

Mom let me finish my junior year at Findley High, then told me the plan to move. The house reminded her too much of Dad and she wanted to get away from the town.

I guess I could see why she wanted to move, but that meant I had to leave my best friend Dana.

We promised to text each other every time something big happens. We kept that promise because she is texting me right now.

Dana: omg, Wes asked me on a date!! 🙊 🙊


Dana: I was working and he came in, after I took his order, he asked for my number and texted me!

Me: awh! Answer the rest of the questions!!!

Dana: well the date is tomorrow after school annd were going rock climbing!!

Me: that's so cute! Your so lucky 😭

Dana: Don't worry Luce, you'll find your guy

As I was writing back, I heard a noise from the back yard. Since my room is in the back I walked out to the patio that comes our from my room. I opened the door to listen for the sound again. I sat there for five minutes and didn't hear anything.

I must've imagined it, so I turned back around. That's when I heard a howl.

I couldn't tell if it was a coyote or wolf, but the sounds were getting louder which meant they were closer.

I quickly ran back into my room locking the patio door. Then my mom called for me.

"Lucy, the foods done."

"All ready?" I asked. "What did you make?"

"Kraft Mac and cheese and chicken tenders." She called.

I walked down the stairs, to see my mom throwing away the Kraft box and then placing the rest of bag of chicken tenders back in the freezer.

"I just love a homemade meal," I teased sitting down.

"Well yeah me too, but since we just moved here and I don't know where any grocery stores are yet, this will have to do." She said sticking her out.

"I'm just kidding mom, this is perfect." I said reassuring her.

My mom has been through alot with in the past 2 years. First with my grandfather dying, then a year later my dad.

It's been hard for the both of us, so I try not to give her any trouble.

"You ready for school tomorrow hon?" She asked sitting down.

I nodded. "Kinda nervous since it's my senior year and I'll be new and most likely the youngest."

"Yeah I know it's tough but you'll have no problem making friends. Your a people person just like your momma."

I smiled at her. My mom was truly beautiful. She had long brown hair, with the perfect caramel skin, and these beautiful dark brown eyes that were almost black. And she looked just like me. Or should I say I look just like her?

I'm not saying beautiful, but I'm like a spitting image of her.

I feel bad for her sometimes because she's all alone with no one but me. When she asks me to do things with her, I'll stop whatever I'm doing just see her smile. I love my mom, she my best friend.

Dinner went in a comfortable silence. Once we were all done I told mom. I would clean up and she could go relax.

As I was cleaning up the table, I brought over all the dirty dishes to the sink and began washing them.

While I was washing them, I hummed to Beyonce's, 'Irreplacable'.

After I finished drying off the dishes, I looked up from the sink to look out the window where I saw two glowing eyes staring into my house.

I took a double take at the glowing eyes but when I returned back they were gone.

What the hell was that? Was that real or am I imanging things?

I locked all the doors and windows before turning off the lights and going upstairs.

I went to say goodnight to mom but she was already asleep in her bed. She drove for three days non stop. She must be slumped.

I walked backed into my room and changed into my pajamas. Which consist of me in my sports bra and pajama pants.

I climbed into my new queen size bed. I slowly let my heavy eyes shut.

I don't know if what I had last night was dream, but the only thing I remember from it were those big yellow eyes.


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